What my readers say

Every single one of us changes the world by being here, by Being our Selves. We each have something to contribute. I like to tell stories, it's difficult not to. It's who I AM.

There are many excellent writers but most of them are still peering into the dark. Pioneers like C S Lewis, Richard Bach and James Redfield took writing in a more positive direction but like all the creative arts what gets published has been heavily censored and controlled.

I usually get into trouble when I point out, that in spite of all their fantastical fine points, both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are essentially horror stories. That kind of excitement can be fun but I prefer to feel good about what I am reading.

Until the advent of the Internet and self publishing it has been quite hard to publish uplifting material but fortunately the dark times are over and it's time to step into the Light. My writing reflects the brightest that I can manage.




All my books are written intuitively. The Rayman trilogy is very much an immersive experience. It was inspired by the place I was living at that time which was near Drewsteignton on the edge of Dartmoor, south west England. I would go walking

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