Every single one of us changes the world by being here, by Being our Selves. We each have something to contribute. I like to tell stories, it's difficult not to. It's who I AM.

Fiction is a wonderful way to share firsthand information that would otherwise be unpalatable. We're inundated with secondhand information that determines how most people think. The media tells us how it is, but from a particular somewhat biased perspective. Right or wrong, it's all secondhand information. If we argue against it we become controversial.

Rather than play that game I share my firsthand experiences in a format that is quite acceptable. I created the Rayman series with the specific intention of showing human beings in a positive light. In order to do that I removed those parts of society that I consider irrelevant. That left what I consider important – people and how they interact.

The books are a perfect vehicle for sharing my own experiences, which go way beyond what is considered normal. The series is a journey that takes the reader from where we are to where we're going. I don’t expect anyone else to believe it until it happens. People who read the books feel the truth of what I'm writing, which makes them enjoyable. People can relate to them. It's not just feel-good fiction; it's who we are.

Publishers tell me there's no market for what I write. My readers tells me otherwise, which is why I publish the books myself.



All my books are written intuitively. That means I just write. I don't plan or work out the stories I let them come. I have no idea what is going to happen. That makes writing them exciting and great fun.

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