All my books are written intuitively.

That means I just write. I don't plan or work out the stories I let them come. I have no idea what is going to happen. That makes writing them exciting and great fun.

Nearly everything I write manifests. I could give you a very long list of the things that have happened, not always exactly as written but close. They are easy to recognise but tend to be more prosaic. I tune into my higher self when I write and that can be powerful. The Rayman series has been a revelation to me. I had no idea where the books were going or how they would end until I wrote it but I am delighted with how they turned out. The last book really took me by surprise and I for one can't wait for everything to happen.

The Rayman was initially inspired by the place I was living at that time which was near Drewsteignton on the edge of Dartmoor, south west England. I would go walking almost every day. One of my favorite walks was through the oak woods along the valley beside the River Tyne usually starting from Fingle Bridge. I would scrambled up and down this heavily wooded gorge for hours. It is where the story started to percolate into my awareness and where I first began writing.

I originally thought I was going to make a film and the landscape was absolutely perfect. The story was hard to visualise for the screenplay and I realised I needed it written down. I tried a few writers but they were all much too urban, they couldn't grasp where I was coming from and I decided to try writing it myself. I had no idea how much fun that would be. When I was about half way through writing the first book I walked away from the business that would have generated the enormous funds required for making a film. I had to abandon that idea but was then able to write full time. I finished writing the Rayman at Mullybrook Mill near Chagford in Devon.

Mullybrook Mill

I spoke there with ancient men who visited me and had come because they had worked there in their youth. They gave me a good understanding of what running a water mill entails. Having written about a water mill I found myself living in one but that fact didn’t really register until after I had moved on. This has happened to me over and over again.

The second and third books were written in New Zealand. I now live in a very similar world to the one I created. The books have transported me and they can take you to a timeless place that feels quite real. It is a wholesome world where all the characters live in harmony with each other and the world around them. This trilogy took a long time to unfold; it took over eight years to write. I had to grow enough to be able to absorb what came next. It has been a long journey.

When the first novel was finished I let a few people read it to see if it worked. The reaction I got was so positive that I decided to publish it. That was a another long journey because no publisher or agent was interested. They tell me there is no market for uplifting, feel good stories. They were wrong.

Each off the books is a self contained story but the series is also a continuous tale. Each book takes a character through a massive personal transformation and the final book takes that beyond the limit.

The Rayman Book 1

Book 1

The Rayman is a talented musician who uses light as well as sound in his performances. Just when he is beginning to grasp his full potential he is hurled into another dimension and challenged like never before. This book unravels his personal journey which is that of the wounded healer.

Guided by an unfathomable timeless master and assisted by a new life partner, he grows. His eventual triumph includes fantastical new abilities.

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The Rayman Book 1

Book 2

This book a continues from when book 1 ends. Dona a young friend of the Rayman has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She determines to go over the mountains to the place where Carrie's mother came from which she is told is a place of learning. Nothing pans out as she expects and she learns that there is a huge difference between wisdom and information.

Guided by an unfathomable timeless master she grows. Her eventual triumph includes fantastical new abilities.

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The Rayman Book 1

Book 3

Donna has the Gathering under control but the same can’t be said for the Rayman and Carrie’s children. The Imp is a real handful and she has a combination of both their talents. 
Brian, her younger brother, appears much more docile but his talent is very hidden. Exploring all possibilities, he can do almost anything without limit, as the twins and Margaret discover. He’s an enigma that even Talma cannot fathom. He has a special role that transforms the entire planet.

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There are more books coming. I have finished a new one which is called Expect Flying Mermaids and is the first in a new Octacular series. It is a large volume and has more pages that the entire Rayman series. It needs editing and I need to raise the funds to pay for doing that before I can release it.

I am also writing three other unconnected books which seem to want to come all at the same time. I am discovering humor as I write and the locations are real. I have brought in experiences from the many different projects I have been involved in. They come from the mundane but also include the esoteric worlds I sometimes move in. The flavors are much the same - all me.


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