One way

It is not possible to be wise if you rely on someone else, a teacher or a philosophy, other peoples opinions. We learn from these things but they are just good beginnings. Starters to take us in a direction but that direction may not be yours. The way we travel is for each one of us to define. We can run with the heard or cut out on our own. That is not important. It is our will that we need to follow, the essence that is inside us.

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You are where you put your focus

I’m finally beginning to get an understanding of how this 5D thing works. Language and the meaning of words are restricted to certain levels of awareness. In order to access them you need to vibrate at their level. Once you have integrated those aspects of your Self that vibrate higher or faster then you can access them again but that isn’t as much fun. You loose the finer meanings that can only be perceived at higher levels.

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