The Power of us

It’s interesting to see the implosion that is Hollywood. It reflects the Dark’s demise. Stories that once inspired are desecrated with impunity in a constant repetition, an attempt to regain control. Writing a new timeline but unfortunately for them that doesn’t work. His story –  is nearly always just fiction. News is much the same, I check in once in a while to see how things are progressing. Still a mess, mostly not worth reading.

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The difference between us the Light Beings and the Dark is very simple; they are not connected to the Divine Source of all Creation. They have disconnected themselves. They therefore have no creativity. They can adjust and manipulate and are very clever at it but because they lack Love, the nature of the Divine, they have a tenancy to distort. They lean towards self interest and control which is the exact opposite of Love.

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Living in 5D

I’m exploring the new way of being in 5D rather than three. It has it’s moments because the gap between the mind and your awareness is difficult to bridge. I am learning how to do it but it makes communicating with other people a little hard. Thinking is now way too slow. When I try to do it it takes ages, sometimes minutes for words to arrive. It can be hard and may make me appear stupid but that’s not really a problem, not to me anyway. I can slow down enough to communicate when I have to.

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Love and Light

In New Age speak ‘in love and light’ is used all the time as a way of closing a missive. I thought I would look into it. Not by researching it outside but by looking inside to get my answers. It is therefore coloured by me. I am more comfortable on starships than sitting around a campfire. I AM in tune with Earth’s essence and not that interested in the surface value. I like to keep things clear and really simple.

Love is your very nature, Light is the manifestation of Love in all of creation.

Love is everything that IS, all of creation and creativity.

We live in duality but what is that?

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This getting old thing is actually rather fun. It’s a bit like being a kid again. I have far less responsibility. I don’t have to make a living and can do what I like. Well that hasn’t changed but I don’t work in quite the same way. I am unaccountable. Nothing is urgent or particularly important. I only answer my phone when I feel like…. well I guess it’s just the same but I really don’t have to.

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