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Book 1 The Rayman Ray Parkes

  • The Rayman is a talented musician who uses light as well as sound in his performances. Just when he is beginning to grasp his full potential he is hurled into another dimension. This book unravels his personal journey which is that of the wounded healer. Guided by an unfathomable timeless master and assisted by a new life partner, he grows. His eventual triumph includes fantastical new abilities.

Book 2 Growth Ray Parkes

  • Dona has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She determines to go over the mountains to the place where Carrie's mother came from which she is told is a place of learning. Nothing pans out as she expects and she learns that there is a huge difference between wisdom and information. Guided by an unfathomable timeless master she grows. Her eventual triumph includes fantastical new abilities.

Book 3 Transformation

  • Donna has the Gathering under control but the same can’t be said for the Rayman and Carrie’s children. The Imp is a real handful and she has a combination of both their talents. Brian, her younger brother, appears much more docile but his talent is very hidden. Exploring all possibilities, he can do almost anything without limit, as the twins and Margaret discover. He’s an enigma that even Talma cannot fathom

Journeys with my Self (Free) Ray Parkes

  • A peak into the bizarre world of a Light Worker. Come with me and discover what is like to be a Lightworker on planet Earth. Meet all kinds of odd beings and magical creatures. I have plenty of strange experiences to share.