I have access to so much information, we each have a part of the whole. The nature of my part is such that when I share it the reaction is nearly always offensive or defensive. Fight or flight. People feel threatened when you share new concepts that make them uncomfortable or challenge what they have discovered or think of as themselves.

Very few people are simply open. I ponder this and wonder should I share anything at all. I am extremely open and empathicly feel peoples reactions. Am I saying too much?

It is my nature to share. I cannot deny who I am. We all do that to some extent. Until we re-awaken it will always be uncomfortable.

Am I simply misguided. There is always that possibility. There is always the potential for change. What we resonate with is where we are. I have no wish to change other people they can be exactly who they are. My desire is simply to help them. That could be considered interference but I see it as a responsibility.

To give you an example we humans originate from an amphibians species who existed in the star system Lyra. The reason we have the potential for full awareness was at the request of the cetaceans. They looked after the oceans but needed a species to look after the land. We were given full consciousness in order to help them. You could consider them our sponsors.

The cetaceans can travel through star gates that they create. This is why they have been persecuted on this planet. They hold a group awareness that they will share with us when we are ready. The controlling faction knows this.

Whale strandings are not a mishap, they know what they are doing. They are simply moving from this planet to another. They are moving beyond 3D and leave their 3D body behind. I know this is very uncomfortable and unbelievable but that is what is happening. I have been sharing this for years and have physical evidence of the process. It doesn’t make it any more palatable. Most people will simply think me mad or perhaps misguided, perhaps I am.

But I was once told by a very high Being never to doubt my experiences. I don’t. I have experienced every single lifetime I have ever had. This was a wholesale remembering, a very uncomfortable experience. We don’t like to think of ourselves as sadistic torturers and murderers. That was part of it, but that is not who I am. It was a premeditated action to gain deep knowing and understanding of the dark. It was just an experience.

The remembering has continued. We always grow in our awareness. Those experiences mean that I understand the dark intimately and in every detail. But it does not mean that is who I am. I am not nor ever have been dark. I am still a part of all that Is, perfect in every detail. I remember that with varying clarity but it is growing stronger.

I speak of I because that is the important bit. We is relevant too but that is not the part, the role, that we are playing at the moment. Each one of us is growing into who we are. The bit that is growing is I. The collective of I’s is manifesting We into Being. A different We, a more aware We from a we of individuals. That is a special unfolding. We are all One, that it is true but each of us is special, a special part of the whole. We each have a role – sharing who I am is one of mine.


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