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macEach book takes a character through a massive personal transformation. These books were written intuitively which means they come from the heart.

They provide an immersive experience that puts you into a wholesome world where the characters live in harmony with each other and the world around them. There are plenty of challenges but no chaos or bedlam. They provide a glimpse of where humanity is heading.

“We all have special gifts within us and in these books I bring some of them out to play. I have shared some of my personal experiences that would be too unbelievable to share in any other way. The stories will entertain you and their subtle messages are felt rather than understood. It is a very different sort of experience.”



 The Rayman Book 1

Book 1 tells the Rayman’s personal story

A life changing event

The Rayman is an amazing musician with an unusual instrument who is just coming into his full power. After performing at a festival he slips away to avoid the crowd. Camping overnight in rugged terrain, he is awakened by an animal in distress. The rescue attempt puts him into a place where he is challenged like never before. He is cut off from everything he knows including his music.

Meet strange healers, a powerful spiritual master and Carrie a plucky young woman with extraordinary vocal talent who sets out determined to find him.

Journey with them as they discover who they really are.

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Book 2 | Book 3

2 thoughts on “The Rayman Series

  • March 4, 2015 at 2:27 am

    This book manages to combine all the ingredients of a juicy read: believable characters, a hard to predict, twisting plot but it’s minus any violence, cynicism, or bedlam. There’s a vein of goodness running through this novel that I held onto with both hands.

  • March 6, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    You created a book that evokes a certain deep and beautiful feeling that I can even access just by thinking of it!


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