My books are written with love at their core. I use my own experiences as inspiration. I look to our future and bring out the truth of who we really are. I want to light people up. To make them explode with creativity and to discover their own inner power.

You are what you ingest that includes the books you read, the films you watch as well as the food you eat. Like everything else at the moment entertainment reflects the distortions of the ‘real world’ as people call it. It is not real at all but an imposition forced upon us from the moment we’re born. It does not reflect who we are but subverts our true nature using fearful scenarios designed to manifest darkness.

I have never liked that and decided to do something about it. We are very powerful beings and create everything we find around us. That has been used against us but I thought I would turn the tables. Everything I write is my way of redefining reality. Many of the things I have written about have manifested for me. They can effect you too.

All my books are written intuitively. That means I just write. I don't plan or work out the characters or stories, I let them come. To some extent I am guided. I have no idea what is going to happen. That makes writing them exciting and great fun.

My writing is about our future, not the content as much as the emotion. Plenty of people talk about the mechanics I spell out how it will feel.

It took a long time to publish my first book because I tried the conventional route first. No publisher or agent would touch it. Most told me they really enjoyed reading the Rayman but it just doesn't fit in their predefined world, they could not define it. My readers tell me we are changing and there is a very big demand for more enlightened fiction.


If you have been here before you may notice that I am rebuilding my website. It is now on a ‘bullet proof’ secure server. I have had terrific opposition to everything I do which tells me I am doing rather well. You will eventually have access to everything I have posted here before but that may take me a little while to organise. Come back soon…