I am more of a story teller more than a writer. I was born English but my dad was half Welsh and my mother was full Irish. I have my fair share of the blarney and just can’t help myself.

I use several mediums including music which is very strong in my world but this website focuses on my writing. It includes my blog which is a narrative of my daily thoughts and experiences.

My posts are not your conventional happenings but they come as they do and like me are not regular or predictable. I share them for love not for money or notoriety.

I have written quite a few books but mainly for my own entertainment. I find the mechanics of publishing and promoting them to be somewhat of a chore. I may or may not get around to it. I can remember a life as a famous writer and don’t need to do that again. It may sound like a good story but I won’t be telling it because it wasn’t much fun, fun being the name of my game.

I like to explore the limits of our human potential.