All around the world everything we have grown used to is transforming. We are right at the start of a new beginning and the changes are going to be coming thick and fast.
Even though the way of life we have been living will be transformed beyond belief the details are not that important. Just know it will be amazing and that everything you ever wanted will be provided.

This in itself is inconsequential and we will soon grow accustomed to it. Wealth, health and all those things that make life worth living are ours by right. We have simply forgotten as we willingly participated in this life’s drama. We did so in order to learn from it.

What is important and what is really happening is a great flowering of who we really are. Locked inside each one of us is a magnificent Being who is ready to come out to play. Your greatest growth will come when you keep this as your focus. Don’t let yourself be sidetracked by the events as they unfold.

There may well be disruptions as thousands of years of controls and restrictions dissolve to nothing. Many of our beliefs and opinions will need to be reviewed.

Observe it as house cleaning; simply moving of the furniture to reach the dark corners that haven’t been touched for years.

You can help yourself and others best by focusing on where you want to be in this new arrangement.

If money for survival is no longer of any importance what will you do?
A New You

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