In these end times (the end of the old order but before the new age is fully upon us) it is sometimes difficult to get things done.

You may find you go towards something that your head says needs doing but you feel a great reluctance when it comes to actually doing it. Your energy dissipates and you find it hard to focus. Your body won’t cooperate. You simply can’t get yourself to do it …
This is not because you are procrastinating and being lazy. It is simply that what you are trying to do is an inappropriate action.This is a very good sign.
It means your heart is going with the flow.
We can no longer live in the old way. Your head can no longer tell you what to do. This is because it is melting, becoming the new heartmind which KNOWS what to do without instruction.
This new way of life is joy filled and you will find the right course effortlessly by doing what you FEEL you want to do. This is not being selfish but being SELF aware.
This can be a little difficult at first. Your rational mind has lost control which may make it rather uncomfortable. It has grown used to being in charge and may be reluctant to let this go.
Allow this process to unfold by being aware of it. It won’t last long. Let your heart lead and your head become an observer. Just watch what happens, relax and let life go. See how things turn out.
Eventually your head will notice that everything works out perfectly. It doesn’t have to organize you any more.
Living like this is a great deal easier and much more fun.
The head verses the heart

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