At the moment there is a plethora of information pouring in with timely guidance for all of us.It comes from a multitude of sources. The turbulence of recreation means that it can be difficult to find out what is actually happening.

Perhaps this doesn’t really matter and we should simply accept it as the end game that it is. We are moving forwards rather than running around in circles, which has been the case for the last ten years or so. The end will happen very fast. In the twinkling of an eye as one source tells me.

There are a large number of opinions about where the truth comes from and what side it is buttered. This only creates division, which serves no one. Malice is no longer relevant to our journey and deserves no real consideration but there are still plenty of attempts to muddy the waters. We should remember that.

My own experience has taught me that the higher Beings always share in love and never speak derogatorily. As a rule of thumb, I tend to dismiss anything that generates a state of fear in me because it cannot be from a benign source.

I been through countless difficult events and challenges but my guides and mentors never ever instilled a sense of fear. I have always been uplifted and have grown in their presence.

If you come upon information that feels genuine but makes you fearful then question it but also question yourself and make sure that the fear is not in you.


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