Everything we do effects everything and everyone around us. Love transmutes negativity effortlessly. Love is our hu-man essential nature. Our truth.

Once we have learned to express love unconditionally there is nothing that can stand against us. Our Light can illuminate even the darkest place.

To accomplish this we have to move beyond fear.
To master fear you need full control over your imagination.

When I was training to be a Gate Keeper I was guided through a process that was designed to help me handle my fears. If you have a vivid imagination, as I do, you tend to populate dark places with all sorts of scary beasts. I have done this since I was very little. I used to sleep literally under the covers near the bottom of the bed. I have had to learn how to manage my imagination.

The portal that I was going to gate keep was enormous, about a hundred miles across. Amongst other duties my role was to allow or prevent passage through it. This had to be an instinctive process. I found I could recognize and allow or not, friend or foe instantaneously without thinking about it. I practiced this with who ever it was that was training me. They sent different thought forms through the portal that represented the very many beings that I might encounter. It was actually quite easy and fun as long as I remained alert but I still needed to learn to handle fear or I would not be able to stop some of the ‘no entry beings’ from coming through.

This process took place in the house I was living in at the time and was to be the center of the portal. The portal is actually there but it doesn’t reach down to this dimension. Our project to bring it lower did not work and I did not become it’s gate keeper. When we started working to bring it lower we were told that it was only a possibility. The Masters and Elohim we worked with thought it was worth a try. We had very nearly manifested it when one of our group decided not to proceed any further. He held a pivotal role in the project and we had to abandon it. I had to accept his decision but it was a great disappointment to me. We had been working on it for a number of  years.

At the time I was living on my own way out in the country, literally miles from anywhere. It was a pitch black, moonless night with not even a glimmer of light. Owls screeched as only owls can and the wind howled up the valley and through the trees. It shook the house. I was very comfortably tucked up in bed and almost asleep.

Around midnight I was woken up and turfed out of bed. I had to sit just as I was, which was naked, on the floor in the pitch black room with my back to the spiral staircase which was the only entrance to my bedroom. There was no door because the room was the whole top floor of the converted barn I lived in.

I sat there in the dark for a while and nothing happened but I was jumpy and fully alert. I heard all sorts of sounds and eventually all the hair on my body were standing on end. I felt a large creatures behind me which slowly came up the stairs and then towards me. It breathed heavily right behind me. Energy swirled around me. I felt rushes of adrenalin as the fear ebbed and flowed through me. Creatures of different sorts came and went! It lasted what seemed a long time. It was a very powerful experience.

Gradually I became calm and found my center, seated on the lap of the Mother Divine… which is how I describe that silent place of calm centeredness which is at the core of my being.

Nothing bad happened and although they tried nothing scared me any more. I grew sleepy and hopped back into bed.

Try this exercise for yourSelf – it is quite invigorating.

That was just the start of my fear training. I have had to work on physical fear, mental fear, fears I did not even realize I had but it gets easier every day. Now when a fear pops up I go with it and explore it. They soon go.

Fear is essentially a self inflicted injury

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