Most lightworkers are used to trouble. We are the advanced cleanup crew. Mess is what we deal with and I suspect we have all been rather busy of late.

We have learned the hard way that when you shine a bright light you tend to attract unwanted attention.

One of the task we took on when we moved to New Zealand was to dismantle the negative energy grid in our local area. We did not realize what we were doing at first. We were just following our intuitions and dealt with whatever was put in front of us.

Most of this work was removing dark influences from the land; curses, trapped spirits, we blocked up portals to the lower dimensions and brought in higher energies to dark places.

After a while a pattern started to emerge. We were dealing with energy lines, something that I was very familiar with. We had discovered part of the negative energy grid. We broke it up piece by piece over a number of years. Eventually we found the root and dismantled it. Mother Earth then cleansed the line with a massive flood. All the places we had worked on were effected but hardly anywhere else. Some had a meter of rain in just a couple of days. Two elements cleanse, Fire and Water. In this case the water was extreme. It needed to be.

Our work definitely attracted hostile attention. I have mentioned in a previous post that we were subject to psychic attack. I got very fed up with this after a while and decided to do something about it.

In New Zealand when you start to clean up you immediately come across the Maori. Like most peoples on the Earth there are two sides to them. That is the nature of duality. We discovered some of the darker side. I decided to tackle it at its source. Most native peoples get their magical power through their ancestors and their link to the land. The link goes right up to the source of all. I decided to speak to them. I went to them by willing it.

The Maori Ancestors are wondrous beings of light. I could feel their magnificence. I can’t even begin to describe the love I felt from them. They were very gracious and welcoming. They are also the accestors of the peaceful peoples who lived in New Zealand before them. At my request they agreed to move forwards in time to the Golden Age.

This request made sense afterwards. My higher Self asked them to move forwards into the Golden Age because nothing bad could be instigated from there. Any magical energy drawn from them could only be benign. It gets a little tricky because time doesn’t really exist but relative space does. They moved to the place where we are all going which is a higher dimension. The humans who had been using their power to harm would no longer be able to do so. In order to reach them they would have to elevate themselves which would remove their need to harm.

I must have some link to the ancestors but I am not aware of it in this now. I have mentioned the darker side of the Maori and until recently I had not really come across the light side of that race.

They are a warrior race, fearless and magnificent when in their full power. One such being came to my attention recently. Her name is Kiri Campbell. She has consciously taken on the full power of the dark. She is almost single handedly challenging the bank fraud. Of course she has been attacked physically verbally and in the press, arrested many times. She is much maligned but she is still going.

A couple of days before her first court appearance I was out walking in the forest and she was on my mind. I reached out to this feeling and became aware of the Maori Ancestor again. They were all around her.

They greeted me and then showed me a vision of thousands of huge warriors doing a haka outside the court. I got the impression it had been and would continue for a long time. A haka is a  ceremony, a synchronized posture dance with shouted accompaniment. It’s an awesome experience. It is a message, a challenge, about struggle, perseverance and achievement.


No matter what the controlled media say about her, Kiri’s long line of ancestors is fully behind her. She is challenging not just the bank fraud but also the treatment of her people. Like most native peoples the Maori have been very badly abused. She is taking steps towards reinstating them.
Such actions are all part of the change.

Kiri Campell

Being the clean up crew

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