Yes we are moving into yet even higher frequency energy.
How are you doing?
Do you live in comfort or is your world falling apart.
Either situation is absolutely perfect.

Perfect for you.

Where you put your focus is what your experience will be.
We are either looking to the New World or still struggling with the old one.
It’s an in between place.
If your old world hasn’t finished with you yet then accept that and get on with it. There is nothing else you can do.
An old friend came to see us the other day – an ardent seeker of the truth.
What he is doing now looks quite the opposite of what he was.
To an observer it looks like he is industriously going in the opposite direction but that is not the case, he is actually very busy integrating everything he has learned.
For all of us at the moment life can appear to be upside down.
Things we valued greatly no longer seem that important.
This is very good.
At the depth of each one of us is who we really are. That is not necessarily the patterns that we have imposed on ourselves or had imposed on us by others. We each need to find our own balance.
Taking control is hard when you are used to being led. If you follow a Master or a discipline or a religion of some sort then it’s probably time you took full responsibility for who you are.
It is also time to find all those hidden desires within you and let them out.
OK so you are a vegan but you really crave a steak. Go eat one. Get it over with. It won’t do you any real harm. You can do anything you want. Resisting just creates a pinch.
If the steak tastes dreadful and gives you stomach ache that’s fine too. You won’t need to do it again.
Once you have removed all these surface desires then let them go, don’t hang on to them.
That is when you can take the next step.
When you no longer need these things and have no long inner journey to make, then you can truly align yourSELF with the greater good of ALL.
Going up anyone

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