Is the world around you jumping up and down?
Are you being bombarded by other people’s fears or are you at peace?

The choice is yours…
You can Be comfortable in the knowledge that all is very well indeed.
Look inside if you don’t believe me.

The sun is still shining above the clouds even on the cloudiest of days.
It now shines far more brilliantly than ever before.

The last growling of the dogs of war are fading and it won’t be long before they slink away.

Where you put you focus is what you will experience.
If you are fear based then that is what you attract.
Very simple. We are powerful beings.
The law of attraction works.

But I hear you say…

I’m listening but what?

Now is the time when we move beyond but, beyond fear, beyond what the media tries to tell us.

That means all media. The internet is just as full of disinformation as anywhere else. It is often expounded in good faith by people we trust. That confuses the issue. It feels genuine but when you look closer you discover that the map of that radiation zone was originally drawn up to show the area that could be affected by a tsunami. It doesn’t always hang together when you check things out.
Because it’s written down doesn’t mean it’s true.

Does it mean the information has been made up? Probably. Collated is a better word – often written to make a buck. Take this info and add that image and a little editorial and you are an expert right?

The real story is not out there anyway, it is happening inside. That is where you will find all the answers.

How do you feel?

Is your world going the direction you want?

If not what are you doing about it?

Have you taken full responsibility?

If you are unhappy with what is around find the peace and strength within you not outside of you.
Ask for help if you need it. You are surrounded by beings who’s only task is to help you.
Ask them to assist you.

It doesn’t matter what is wrong you can overcome it.
We are moving on a single timeline – every door you open will lead to the same destination.

You can’t fail but it’s much more fun to be comfortable doing it.

You will also have a very positive effect on all those around you.
It’s coming good, be a part of that not what went before.
To Be the change you only need to Be yourSelf.

Have fun with it.

Inner Peace

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