I have been thinking a little about what is happening or appears to be happening in the world and realized that for most people it doesn’t show yet, not unless you know what you are looking for. The enormity of the task, changing from a dark to a light based society, is no small thing.

Have you ever cooked a banquet?

Quite a while ago I used to be the cook in an ashram. I used to prepare the odd banquet. It was a usually a big deal; important people had normally been invited and special dishes were required.

I remember one occasion rather well. It all started off quite sane and slowly and nothing much appeared to be going on. We worked out what food was available, what needed ordering in for the dishes we wanted to make.

On the day the ingredients for all the dishes were being prepared by my assistants. I was making elaborate breads while overseeing the other preparations. I then started on the main dishes. Cooking for large numbers is a complex dance that speeds up as you go along. It all has to ready just at the right moment. Timing is everything.

As the deadline started to approach I got hassled by the organiser who wanted to make sure its going to be ready exactly on time. She also has questions about the menu, can I change this dish for that! It would be much better. It’s far too late for that and she needs to be removed from the kitchen quickly but without upsetting her.

As the time to eat gets closer important guests drop in on their guided tour and want to chat, just as two assistants start to fight over who is going to make the sauce for a side dish.

People drafted in to help start doing just that only they are rearranging the carefully laid out ingredients for the desert dishes. By the time I have them sorted out the steamer has boiled dry and there is a burning smell that permeates the air.

While I am rescuing this dish and stirring a subtle sauce at the same time my fiery new girl friend pokes me in the bum with a small chopping knife!

She needs to get my attention NOW because I didn’t notice her grand entrance and how cute she is in her new sari. I yell and scare the pot washer, a very timid fellow who drops the biggest serving bowl which smashes on the floor. Things seemed to be getting a bit out of control.

Having sorted that out I start working on a delicate dish that requires all my attention in needs to be cooked but not over cooked.
Am I bleeding? It’s hard to tell but I can’t check now. Of course right at this critical moment the gas runs out and I am the only one there who can change the bottle. The servers waiting to do their job are all making unhelpful comments about the mess. People start questioning my ability to cook. Everybody is hungry and what’s holding up the food. They start to peer around the kitchen door expectantly attracted by the smells.

Needless to say the meal is ready not when they want it perhaps but exactly on time. Hunger makes the best sauce as any good cook will tell you.

None of the guest even gives a second thought to all the preparation. They don’t need to. They just enjoy the food in the serenity of the banqueting hall.

Being so busy I have no time to eat and by the time I do the food has either been eaten or given to the pigs!

Service to others can be somewhat exacting at times…

We are very fortunate that we are the main guests at the banquet that is coming. It will be perfect and well worth waiting for. Just know that behind the scenes a lot is going on.

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New world coming but why are we waiting?

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