There is far more going on around us than we can sense. Some of us can see and feel a bit more, it just depends on who you are. If you have no imagination your world is a significantly smaller place. Does that mean what I am writing about is fabricated? I don’t think so but then who knows?

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Are you attached to who you are?
Do you like who you are and what you have achieved in this life so far?
If the answer is yes then changing may be a slightly more difficult but if the answer is no then this post is definitely for you.

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The River of Life

As we swim down the river of life we have abundant choices on how to conduct our Selves. The safe bet is to stay in the shallows and not go anywhere but that’s rather boring. We can see things floating past us but nothing much happens. Being stuck there is no fun at all. We become a spectator watching others busy having fun.

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