As we swim down the river of life we have abundant choices on how to conduct our Selves. The safe bet is to stay in the shallows and not go anywhere but that’s rather boring. We can see things floating past us but nothing much happens. Being stuck there is no fun at all. We become a spectator watching others busy having fun.

Move out a bit away from the safety of the bank and into the current and hey you start to move. You can still put your feet down and head for the bank at any time you want. This appears much better but there are rocks you can’t see under the water. You are moving along quite fast when all of a sudden bam you hit one.  It hurts. You retreat to the shallows for a while then try again. BAM!

Eventually you get brave enough to head out into mid stream and surrender to the current. You then move really fast and flow over and around the submerged obstacles. You need to be alert and keep your head up but the river takes you on its magical journey to forever and nothing slows you down.

To do that you have to let go of the fear of losing control, let go of fear itself. It isn’t real, move beyond it.

Fear isn’t real?

No we create it. We have become really good at it. When you let go of fear and start to direct where you are going you move into the middle of the flow. It’s fast and exciting and everything you need is there just when you need it. If you think about it you start to waver. It makes no sense. Nonsense….


We hold ourselves back when we try to control what is going on, the mind says, ‘no that’s way too scary what if there is a waterfall?’ The thing is there aren’t really that many waterfalls, they are rather rare. They are also rather beautiful and its how you think about them. Big splash, that was fun let’s do that again.

Life is unpredictable, it’s us and how we feel about it that makes it fun or a real drag. We can overcome anything with a good attitude.

When I had studios in London they were situated at the end of Ladbrook Grove, at the other end from Notting Hill, towards the wrong end of Portobello Road. It wasn’t a great area, lots of drugs and dealers and all the hassles that entails. A policeman was shot and killed almost on our doorstep. It wasn’t a paticularly safe area especially at night. I never felt threatened. I always feel myself sitting on the lap of the Divine.

One night after a very late session in the studio I was walking back to my car which was a little distance away. I had parked it during the day and had been lucky to find a space, mid afternoon near to a school at going home time. It was about two thirty in the morning and I was walking down the middle of this quiet backstreet looking for it when I saw someone coming towards me. He put his hand in his pocket and brought out something shiny which he held behind his back. He was a huge Jamaican but I didn’t think anything of it. There were lots of guys like him in the adjacent studios. They made some good music and were fun.

I was in a good space and on my way home to Devon. I greeted him like an old friend, as I would anybody really. His shoulders which were very tense sagged. He greeted me back and when he got close to me said, “well at least give me a pound for a cup of tea can’t you,’ which I did. He smiled and went on his way. It wasn’t until I was in the car that I realised that the shiny thing in his hand had been a very big knife. He was obviously going to mug me but my greeting changed his mind.

He probably thought I recognised him. I don’t know but somehow my attitude completely disarmed him. I had no fear of him and as far as I was concerned he was my friend. I was projecting love at him. He didn’t noticed that my wallet was bulging with the wages for the girls who worked for us. I was a bit taken aback when I fully realised what just nearly happened but I was speeding along in the middle of the river and life was fun. The danger was gone before I properly recognised it, taken away by the energy I was projecting. The incident taught me just what a good attitude can do.

We all swim to the shore for a breather every so often. The trick is not to stay there. It is up to us. If life is rather dreary for you at the moment then you only need push yourself back out into the main flow.

Fear is no longer necessary

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