Are you attached to who you are?
Do you like who you are and what you have achieved in this life so far?
If the answer is yes then changing may be a slightly more difficult but if the answer is no then this post is definitely for you.

At the moment we are all busy getting rid for our pasts, that is the lower aspects of who we are, things that we don’t need any more.

The new energies that are coming in are lifting us up out of who we used to be and back to who we really are.

We are all Angelic Beings. We are all enlightened Masters. We have simply forgotten. Remembering is the journey we came here to experience.

We no longer need the need petty and unjust judgements we have made on our selves. There is no longer room for inhibitions, negative emotions or fear. Let them go. Let go of your disasters and your triumphs, they have equal weight. Let go of what you think you know and Be open for change. Nothing you have ever done is wasted. The lessons you have learned will remain but our attitude towards them is not important any more. The drama is ending and its time to play.

It has been happening for a while now and you might have become aware of it. It is a natural process and we are fully supported but you may find it a little uncomfortable.

You may have noticed that things from the past that you haven’t thought about for years have popped into your awareness. Sometimes they are things that we have to deal with that we had left unfinished. Others may be quite powerful experiences that overwhelmed you for a short time.

Just watch them go. It is no big deal. They won’t be back. How you view them, good or bad is not really relevant. All experiences are of value. If like me you have spent the whole of this lifetime working on your Self then it shouldn’t be too big a deal but it can still feel like it is. The more sensitive you are, the more you are likely to notice but it is just a bit of house clearing making room for some refurbishment.

When you clean house you make the dust fly and the dirt and grime can obscure your view temporarily.

You are a building site at the moment.

It won’t last long then you can enjoy the nice clean place you has been created for your Self. When the dirt is emotional it can create strong mood swings. You can be oversensitive and hardly recognise your self. If you are in a relationship it may be a bit rocky as things get stirred up. Don’t be concerned just watch it all go. You are being taken care of.

Thoughts and how you think, even the thing that does the thinking are being reset and adjusted. We are moving away from using our minds in the way that we have been doing all our lives. We are beginning to access the heart mind with all the tricks that has.

It is like upgrading from a small computer that only has the limited resources on its internal hard drive to a terminal that connects to a mainframe with infinite resources. It can travel backwards and forwards in time and space and knows everything. You could call it a significant upgrade.

The way you use it is slightly different too. You can still use your mind to solve problems but there is a much easier way to access information and sail through life. If you go with what ever is happening and become part of it your needs will be met automatically. If you continue to try to anticipate and think your way through life you will probably be smashed on the rocks. You simply don’t have enough information to make sound judgements.

Your heartmind does and can do all that and more. You need to learn to use your other senses. There are many and like our five physical senses they all work together. When you first wake up you may be a little disorientated and it takes a while to get your surroundings into clear focus. Go with what ever is happening and don’t fight against it.

The most important of your subtle senses is your intuition. It can see around corners and anticipates trouble effortlessly. Learning to trust it is a journey we all have to take. Think of it as your radar, it warns of incoming hostiles but it will also nudge you when its time to jump onto a passing star. Using your intuition is a bit like that you often sail away.

You have been using it all the time but most people tend to ignore its subtle prompting because their head is used to having control and gets in the way. If you listen carefully you can steer clear of trouble quite effortlessly. Practice it in simple things. Notice that something doesn’t feel right but don’t avoid it and see what happens. The next time take avoiding action. Notice how that turns out too and become accustomed to taking action when it feels like you should. Monitoring the results will give you confidence. You will pick it up fairly quickly when you put your attention on it like this.

I was once told to never doubt my experiences. The Being who said this to me is extremely elevated and one I trust. I have tried to follow his advice and it seems to work. I have done things prompted by my intuition that have astounded even me.

Speaking the Truth is another subtle way of interacting with the world. You may find yourself listening as you tell someone something or give them advice. The most common reaction is for you to think “where did that come from,’ but it is an ability we all have. We literally speak the truth. It can be a little unnerving at first but you soon get used to it. Again it won’t happen if you are busy thinking. It is a very spontaneous experience.

Cognition is another of our natural abilities. It is a little hard to differentiate from intuition which is also a knowing but a cognition is usually is a large batch of information, a download if I continue to use my computer analogy.

Cognition is a knowing that comes out of nothing. You just know. There is no thinking involved. You may receive a whole load of facts or insights. The definition if you look it up has been subtly altered from the actual skill by people who don’t really understand cognising and they put it into a frame of reference they can handle. Using my computer analogy; we all have a telepathic uplink or wireless connection to the big network in the sky. We get unsolicited mail sometimes. In this case it is always appropriate and to our benefit.

Cognition is the process of acquiring knowledge from source, from the source of all that is, from your BIG self if you want to put it like that. It only happens when you don’t let small self get in the way. Small self is not your ego. Using contemporary conventional terminology ego has been redefined as a negative tendency. Most people associate it with selfish antisocial behaviour. This is a relatively recent definition made by thinkers rather than by people with expanded awareness. In ancient cultures they define it very differently.

It is your I AM’ness which is what ego (latin for I am) means. You are a point of awareness in the vastness of all creation. It is what differentiates you from anyone else. It gives you your uniqueness.

If you are thinking all the time, your thoughts are too loud and covers up the subtle connection to source. Meditation is a good way to reduce the constant babble of the mind and over time you will become more attuned. Thinking in itself is not a bad thing. It is a way that we analyse and make sense of the world but it has been overrated. When you get the hang of using all your senses you will be much happier and life becomes a thrill.

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