The most powerful tool we posses, and we are extremely powerful Beings, is our imagination. Our ability to daydream can literally change reality.

Anything we can conceive we create.  It is a power so potent that it has been ridiculed by authoritative institutions, by those in power to try to neutralise its effects. That has never worked because all good dreamers simply ignore other peoples opinions. The dreamers have always been those to instigate change. You could say at some level they remember themSelves.

To use this ability fully we first have to let go of what we have been and start to live who we really Are. We have all been creating our own reality for all our lives. We only need to adjust our focus.

Up until now the rules that we have abided by dictated that we had not much conscious access to our full potential. We had to work at it to bring it out over many lifetimes playing a game of snakes with no ladders. They game was heavily biased against us.

The Rules have changed

Explaining this statement is a very long blog post which I may or may not get around to. The important bit to understand is that up until now, someone else has influenced and dictated the ‘what’ we created. We created the life they wanted us to by controlling the way that we perceived ourselves. They interfered with our free will by stealth and technology. We had willingly given them temporary power over us as part of the entrance fee for our Being here. Who they are and what they wanted is no longer important. They are gone. Where we go from here is what matters.

In order regain who you really are you need to let go of any unnecessary baggage.
 This is not your personal hangups, your past actions, how you have been damaged, what you haven’t achieved. These are just illusions, a character you have been playing, not who we really are. These things no longer matter. We can take them with us or leave them, that is simply a choice. We are far more than that – we are pure love with infinite potential.

Before we came into this life we agreed to be subject to limited awareness and not have access to the memory of our Selves. But we still have and own our full potential, we have only forgotten it. Part of the agreement for this lifetime was that at this NOW, this agreements to forget is to finish and we can return to who we really are – our fully conscious selves.

This process is what we all came here to assist and experience. It is a full character reset. You have been playing a blind person but the play is now over.

People have spent many lifetimes working on self realization but that is no longer necessary, karma is gone. Cause and effect still matters but there is no heavy burden from the past, it was just part of the game. You can let go of it now.
We have been walking around with our eyes closed feeling our way in the dark. We only have to open them and all is revealed. When you are ready it can be a completely effortless process.

All you need to do is request it with your whole Being and it will happen.

When you feel rested and ready – there should be no feeling of urgency or fear – then simply sit in silence or meditate and when you feel it’s the right time create it:

Use your free will to state that you are no longer subject to being a limited conscious being. Ask that you be assisted to remove anything that limits and restricts who you really are.

Use your own words not mine just as they come to you. This is important. You need to claim back who you really are. I can’t do it for you.

Stating that you are no longer limited is very powerful. You will become sovereign, you reestablish your free will. Nothing and no one can interfere with you, as you imagine it, so it will BE.

It is important to understand that we do not become really fully conscious until everyone around us is fully conscious too. We are all ONE. If we all align with each other’s best interests then we co-create our new reality. That everyone joins you could be your first fully conscious intention.

This exercise is only a first step towards full awakening but once taken there is no turning back. You will have stepped into the bright light of who you really are and change is inevitable, you will become YOU….

We are all going to go through this process anyway regardless of who we think we are. It is what we came here to do. Taking back who you are NOW is only a beginning.


Fully Conscious You

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