I thought I would write down some of the things that I have learned that help to make life more comfortable.

Every body is different and each of us has to find our own balance but there are certain fundamentals that apply to all of us.

I won’t say I have a perfect lifestyle but its pretty good. I have created it that way. It didn’t happen by chance. I am not lucky or rich and certainly don’t live a charmed life. I sat down and consciously decided what I wanted and put it out there, now I live it. Anybody can do it. It just takes a certain focus. But lets deal with the basics first.

We all have several bodies. We live in a co-operative adventure. The first three are lower level experiences but have higher aspects. When we die we leave the lower aspects behind. That takes a few days to unravel. We are complex multi level Beings. In this article my intention is to show how we are put together and how to look after every aspect of our Being.

This manual is designed for the driver not the mechanic. I have kept it simple intentionally. Lets start with the very obvious.

The Physical body

The physical body has it’s own needs and requirements to make it comfortable. We have two types of body male and female. They have slightly different requirements but are essentially the same. The differences require acceptance and slightly different handling but gender is not very important. It is not who you are, it is only the body that you inhabit. We each have a male and female balances. For this particular post I wont expand on that because I am addressing similarities not differences.

The physical body also has it’s own consciousness. It is separate from yours and doesn’t disappear when the body dies. It moves on to a new body. Being multi-level is very complicated because at the moment to a certain extent it’s consciousness is also a part of you. To make this body happy is relatively easy.

Create a comfortable and flexible daily routine. Your lifestyle should sustain you. It should not be rigid, rigid things break, but our bodies thrive when there is a good flow of energy. Rest, action, play…. you will enjoy life more if you are always having fun. This may sound radical but your body knows how to look after itself. All you have to do is give it the opportunity and listen to it.

Balance for the body requires rest, fuel and exercise. It is a very complex machine but fairly easy to run. It has a lot of autonomous systems built into it straight out of the box.

If you are tired = rest,
if you are hungry = eat.
It really is that easy.

Sometimes we ignore our physical body because we want to do something else. That is a big mistake.

Physical symptoms in your body are its messages.  Listen closely. You can override it especially when you’re young but if you continue to do that you will get into trouble as you age when it can and will dictate to you. Few people will listen to that and of those that do most will be elderly, that is how it is. We don’t see far when we are young.

Pain or feeling unwell are the body saying ‘Hey I need some attention here please.’

Listen hard to what it is saying. If you can’t interpret it then seek guidance. I will give you some ideas of how to do that quite effortlessly.

Disorder is uncomfortable to our bodies and therefore to us. In order to create harmony we create order. One of the best ways to repair and reorder the physical body is to meditate. It revitalises all of you and can have a more profound effect than sleep.

If you don’t have a technique find one. I use a mantra based meditation but we are all different. Attract what you need by putting it out there. Feel the desire for it and let it go…. Here is a post that goes into Manifesting more deeply.

These instructions are all you need to know to manifest anything. Some call it the Law of attraction and make it complicated but it’s really very simple. We are in charge of everything we create. We create anything we desire by stating it and letting it go. We only fall down in this process when we allow the mind to participate. It tries to hang onto and make sense of what we are doing and keeps it near the surface. It prevents the message from travelling deep down to Source. Thoughts are therefore not very good messengers. Your desire needs to be more subtle, you need to feel what it is you want with all of your Being. When you let it go it should disappear off a drop off into nothing.

If something is preventing you from doing what you require then change it. Karma is not an obstacle just simple action and the effects of action. You move in the direction of your choices. Make good choices and life is fun but it can be challenging. There are beings who interfere and there are broadcasts, subliminal programming that hamper you but they are reducing and you can over come anything. You have the power to do anything you want but you don’t have to do it the hard way use this simple manifesting technique.

You don’t have to go shopping in the spiritual market place although if you feel that way inclined you can do that too but there are no limits to what you can do.

A friend of mine who wanted to grow more quickly put that out there… he let it go…. and had a master materialize in his bedroom. He taught him a series of very advanced meditation techniques. It takes him a very long time every day and is a big commitment so be careful what you ask for.


Sleep is fundamental and very important but how much is up to you to discover. If you wake up tired then you probably haven’t had enough, get some more when you can. It may simply be the quality of your sleep is not that good because you are sleeping at the wrong time.

Between 10pm and 2pm there is a period when the body is programmed to repair itself. It is one of many things we do at night. If you are busy doing something else then it turns that healing process off or slows it down. Do that too often and the repair work doesn’t get done and you can start to cause damage. You can overcome this by taking extra rest occasionally; in a retreat or some such ‘not business’ but that is not the best way to live. If you have a good lifestyle you won’t need a holiday to catch up and the occasional lapse won’t cause a problem. It is your responsibility not to stay up too late. The dawn is always very pretty but you won’t know unless you see it.

If you are tired then make that time up if you need more than you have had, even ten minutes is good. The time you need will vary. One friend of mine only ever takes short 10 minute power naps.
 Another sleeps 12 – 14 hrs every night.
 I sleep for about five or six hours but it varies with how tired I am. You may need to rest more at this point in time because huge changes are taking place at every level and sleep helps the physical body to integrate them.

Find your own optimal balance. You will know when you get it right because you fall into bed and fall straight asleep then wake refreshed.

Don’t worry about it if this is not you, adjust a few things and see what helps. Go to bed a little earlier. Get up a little earlier. Find what works.


There are many ways to recreate your self. Watching TV and playing computer games is not one of them.

Entertainment is important but at the moment digital devices generate harmful emissions that disrupt us on many levels. I won’t have a TV in the house. I do use one in my studio but only for creative projects. It’s switched off and unplugged most of the time. That is the best thing you can do with it. Even off it is doing something when plugged in.

The same applies to most digital devices especially our wireless toys. They emit radiations that can disrupt our whole metabolism. Don’t use a wireless modem or switch it off when you go to bed especially if you have children. Turn off your mobile phone, don’t have it in the bedroom.
Yes I know you need it and can’t survive without one but actually you can. If you can’t then there are ways to ameliorate the harmful effects – Tachyon technologies has several including a simple patch that you can attach to your smartphone.


Diet – so many and so much controversy and what is best changes all the time. Eat what makes you feel satisfied and what doesn’t cause a negative reaction. If you feel energized and good then stick with what you are eating. If you don’t then investigate a bit. There are certain basics to avoid, addictive substances like coffee, sugar, and poisons like alcohol. Perhaps not desirable but doing that will improve your life enormously. Try removing sugar and watch the whites of your eyes if you don’t believe me. You will be happily surprised.

Vegetarian is my choice because I live not to harm, I am more or less vegan but will eat dairy when I am out if there is nothing else. I have followed an Ayurvedic diet for quite a long time. Hare Krishna have some excellent recipe books, perhaps better than their spiritual practices. It suites me but it is your choice what you eat. I generally ignore all advice about diet unless the person giving it is radiating perfect health. I don’t eat RAW, I have tried it in several of its incarnations but my body doesn’t like it. It runs better on a little cooked food. There are things I can’t eat without repercussions but essentially I eat anything I feel like although I try to let my body choose.

A lot of people have developed allergies to the unkind things that have been done to our food. If you are uncomfortable in your body especially if you get bloated then that is one thing you can explore. Try dropping things out of your diet for a month and see if things improve. There are so many food groups that could be causing you a problem that there is no point in trying to cover it all here. Do some investigation for your self. Dairy or glutton are good places to start.

You may just need a detox to remove some ancient rubbish some heavy metals, drugs you have ingested or other crap. Any good healer can diagnose this sort of problem. Ask for a really good one to come into your life.

How much and how you eat is important too.
Eat seated and in a relaxed situation if you can. Eat with your full attention. Don’t go beyond the satisfied and preferably stop well before full. Don’t spend the meal talking, do that afterwards. Eating requires your focus. It doesn’t take long but if you are aware when you do it that will be most beneficial.

Yes children can eat in silence. Believe me they can and do very easily when guided to do so from an early age, especially if they are following your example. Let them eat what they want but only from what is available. They can leave what they don’t like but get nothing else. They will soon start to eat almost anything if you do that. Hunger is a very tasty source. Never ever force them, let it be their choice what to eat or not. It makes it very simple for them and takes the pressure off from you.

If they have bad habits already it may take as long as six month for them to retrain their bodies but it’s well worth it. I had to do that once with a step son. He was only five at the time I met him but had no appetite and only picked at meals. We lived in California then and fast food was everywhere. He wanted snacks half an hour after eating so his digestion never stood a chance. He liked to graze and eat more or less all the time and wasn’t really digesting anything and he had sugar cravings. His attitude had deteriorated badly, he was sulky and could be violent. I told my partner of the time that he was motivated by food. She didn’t believe me because his behaviour indicated lack of interest to her. In fact it was quite the reverse. She only ever ate standing up and usually doing something else which wasn’t a good example for him.

I gently introduced a routine of regular meals and no snacks for both of them, all of us sitting together at a table. Within six months he had a very good appetite. He is grown up now but would eats more or less anything put in front of him. He hardly walked anywhere, he was driven all the time but now runs and loves to run.

He ate in silence with full attention on his food. We never had to say anything because he liked it. He became disturbed by unruly, picky children when they come to eat with us but that’s OK. It was good for him to see the contrast. He was insecure and troubled, even violent when I first met him. People remark how calm and gentle he is especially with younger children.


I am digressing a little but children are important. A good start is essential.

Firm, consistent, loving guidance brought my stepson round. After the initial six months he knew me well enough to know I would never hurt him but that I was in charge. He turned to me when things became too hard for him to handle. He always knew what was expected of him and is now extremely confidant and outgoing. Every child is different and requires individual attention but be consistent and they feel secure. You need to show them you are in charge and then they won’t try and take the lead.

The new kids, the gifted ones need very careful handling. Too much responsibility makes them misbehave. If you don’t take responsibility for them they will or will try to. They are not ready and that is when the trouble starts. Physically until about ten children don’t have the brain development to reason so don’t try to reason with them until then. Make it easy for them. Don’t give them the responsibility but guide them in their choices. Keep it simple until the are ready and they will start to make decisions for themselves automatically. When they do that will vary from child to child. Lead them by example because they will always copy you.

Quiet meals should be a regular family event every day. It allows you to give the taste of your meal your whole focus and it is a bonding time. Doing things together is very important. After you have eaten wait a short while then catch up with what has been going on in your family’s day. Go for a walk, it doesn’t need to be that far. It will help the meal settle more comfortably.


Exercise is essential for a happy body. I really don’t like formal exercise but build it into my lifestyle. You may like to run or surf or climb a wall or take part in structured games. Do whatever pleases you. I abhor competitive game but that is just me. What ever you do it should be fun for you but also needs to stretch your body a bit. Do it outside if you can. I walk every day usually for at least half an hour, longer when I am in the mood. I also swim in the sea if the weather is warm enough which it is most of the year in New Zealand.

I live in a very beautiful place and walking in nature is very revitalizing. It’s up and down not just flat so it gets my body going and tires me out. I sleep very well. Swimming in the ocean is very relaxing and doesn’t strain my body but still gives me a good work out especially when the waves are big. The change of temperature is refreshing especially when its hot. All the physical things I need to do in the house and garden keep me fairly active throughout the year. I use these activities to balance time in my studio or writing. I am not super fit but I am no coach potato either.


Many people spend energy on finding a partner. They don’t like to be alone. It is a strong impulse but you cannot love or be loved until you love your self – just as you are. When you are self contained and happy this feeling will disappear. Partnerships can then be enjoyed for what they are. Partners perfect or otherwise come and go. They are with you if and when it is appropriate. That may be all your life or just for a few weeks. There are no rules about it.  Allow what ever but be warned a perfect partner has everything you need – that is not necessarily everything you want. Partnership is not easy and to be fulfilling you need to be fully engaged.

Any relationship will make you grow but not always together. The perfect partner as in your twin soul is very rare. At least 1 in 7 billion, probably much higher. Twin souls rarely incarnate at the same time, one remains aware. Don’t waste your energy on it. I am not being unromantic, romance can be fun but don’t get stuck on this idea. Look at yourself first. When you have done what is necessary the perfect partner for this moment will appear automatically.

Most relationships are karmic, that is you have something to work out together. Occasionally two souls will come in as an example to others, they wont be twin souls but are highly evolved Beings.


Sex is a normal part of life but a division has been manufactured to split sex from Love, they are the same thing and as we change will be again. Sex then has been subverted. It has been detached. It is a powerful energy and effects all the lower bodies. It is the domain of the second chakra which controls both creation and procreation. That is why most creative folk tend to have large sexual appetites.

The control system we have lived under has dived us from our true nature which is Love and it uses sex against us. Men are over stimulated and Women have been objectified. The intention has been to keep us stuck in the second chakra while our collective group consciousness has been moving up towards the third and higher. Distorted sex creates energy that dark beings can feed on. They use pre pubescent children in rituals to give them energy. Paedophilia has a purpose, not a pleasant one but it feeds the dark’s appetites. The prevalence of sex in almost all the media is there for a reason. It divides us from our true nature.

How do we deal with this?

The most responsible action is to turn off the over stimulation; that is more or less entertainment anything. The mainstream media, TV, computer games, video, all our electronic toys. I dare you to try that for a month. You will notice a huge difference to the quality of your life. If you want huge spiritual growth then try it.

What do you do instead?
Find what gives you Joy.

Sex or a desire for it can be stimulated by any of the three lower bodies. If it is just physical that is relatively easy to deal with. If you are single and it is overpowering there is no harm in masturbation. The body uses this as a safety valve but it should be minimal. Don’t fantasize EVER that gives the dark beings a way in. They project fantasy scenarios and if you pick up on one they will latch on and suck you dry. You may feel it as a exhaustion and fall asleep afterwards.

We can stimulate our bodies using our imagination but that can also be triggered externally as can the physical. It may feel like it but it is not necessarily your desire especially if you are male. The myth that men think of sex all the time is part of our programming, not us. We are being stimulated constantly and the transmissions are very strong. Being aware of it is useful. Examine how you feel, what is stimulating you. The fantasies you have, where are they coming from?

The beings that feed on your sexual energy deprive you of a huge resource. Women are less prone to this kind of stimulation because the dark beings that use us consider them inferior. The chauvinistic world exhibits their values not ours. If you have a strong male energy it can sometimes be overpowering for women too and causes great discomfort and sometimes abhorrent behaviour. Once you notice them you can easily identify projections and are less susceptible.

Redirecting the energy is difficult but worth the effort. The energy can be taken up to the next chakra. It is so powerful it seldom stops there and keeps going. That generates interesting kundalini experiences.

Procreation is a natural process but sex doesn’t take very long. Love is the most important ingredient for making a child. The emphasis on long sex sessions is also how we have been programmed to behave. It is just feeds the energy vampires. Like war and heroism it is a subliminal conditioning we receive from birth but have no idea where it came from. It is not us.

Emotionally sex can provide many things but it isn’t really a big deal. Sex is part of any good relationship but shouldn’t be dominant. It really doesn’t matter who you are attracted to – same sex or not. That is just a choice. There are ways to enhance sex to take you higher in your awareness but actually not so high and not really a good idea. It has it’s down side. That is simply an opinion but it is something I don’t recommend. There are better easier ways to joy. I don’t know anyone who has continued to pursue Tantric sex with any real spiritual benefit. As children we love to experiment and try things out. It is how we learn and develop. Like smoking, taking drugs or drinking alcohol there are lessons within these experiences. The wise try them and then move on.

Now I hear lots of buts, if you don’t have access to nature or a partner – do what you can or move. Change your circumstance. That is easy to do but may not make you comfortable to hear especially if you’re stuck. We tend to cling to what we know but You won’t grow doing that.

Don’t but – do.
You have the power to change anything you want. Envisage what you want clearly and let it go…. You are in charge of you.

The Enhanced Physical Body

The physical body has many abilities we don’t use. To some extent we are in standby mode. These abilities are still there but we don’t have conscious access. For instance it has a very sophisticated self repair mechanism. It can and does rebuild itself but it has been programmed to stop after a set time. You can interface with it consciously and unconsciously and reprogram it.

A conscious way to do it is to interface with your body directly and give it commands. That requires a certain awareness that can be cultivated but takes a while to learn. I am not going to go into that here but it is very powerful. An unconscious way to do it is to use the brain to do this for you using brain re-patterning for instance. This is when a practitioner interfaces with your brain and gives it instructions on your behalf. They need to know what they are doing and to be entirely ethical. They are rare but there are some good healers out there.

Both techniques can be extremely effective. There is far more than convention indicates. Pharmacology is only one approach. It is rather crude and not very effective. It would work better if each individual was treated differently and not with generic formulas. All drugs have side effects which cannot be ignored. Main stream healers are restricted by their training. It makes money for the big companies but that can be changed and will be soon.

You can attract a powerful healer if you need one. They don’t need to be in the physical. I have been operated on by Beings who didn’t have physical bodies. I was dying at the time but I AM still here, what they did obviously worked.

The Mental body

All our bodies are integrated and I have already covered some of our mental wellness.  If you are still curious about everything and happy solving life’s puzzles then you have a healthy mental body. Your lifestyle should stimulate you enough to give you a good mental work out every day but it should not cause stress and anxiety to build up. I like to learn something new every day. I say to clients I prefer projects that are impossible. I like a challenge, repetitious tasks are not very stimulating to me but Balance always Balance. Find what makes you happy.

Playing computer games is fun because it stimulates the mental body but unfortunately not all stimulation is good. Computer games companies are owned by the old control system and they have engineered what games are published. They are also full of subliminal programming and disharmonious projections. You may dismiss this, that is your choice but I challenge you to give them up for a month and then tell me different. I do things that makes even the best computer games look dull and insignificant. It you want to play with the big boys you have to let go of your children’s toys. Even the best games are only three dimensional, there are many more.

One of the best ways to calm and rest the mental body is to meditate. It can help to remove any of the stresses accumulated during the day, your thinking calms down.


Fear can be a message that not all is well. This overlaps a bit with the emotional body but as I said all our bodies are inter-connected. If you are anxious or fearful and this keeps running through your mind then you need to do something about it. It doesn’t matter what you are afraid of you can deal with it. If you can’t work out what it is or what you need to do – seek guidance. Ask for assistance….

Facing fear by defining it and standing up to it right away is a very powerful way to move yourself forward. If you need help with doing this then ask for it. Do that inside first. Find your personal power and you can overcome anything. If that doesn’t help, ask for help or perhaps read moving beyond fear.

Like the physical body the mental body needs a good workout every day. Learn something new every single day. Solving problems and learning new things should be fun and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Build it into your lifestyle or the one you want to live. If you ever get stale then take on something new.

Still a few buts out there.
But nothing. Who is in charge of you? YOU.

The Emotional body

Your emotions come and go and can be very complex and they change all the time. This is as it should be and is a healthy sign. If like a child you express each emotion instantly then you have a healthy emotional body. How you express negative emotions should not harm others. If you get angry people should know but not be physically, mentally or emotionally harmed. If you hurt people you are hurting you too and need help to redirect your outbursts.

If emotions flow through you like a breeze without leaving any detritus behind then all is well. It may be uncomfortable for others but that can be fine too.

Positive and negative emotions help interaction. People with you see your joy expressed in your face and this feedback makes them comfortable. If you don’t express how you feel then they don’t know what you are feeling and that can make them anxious. Expressing negative emotions is still positive feedback. It is how you let others know you’re pissed. It should be obvious and is not a bad thing at all. I once received a glare from an enlightened master because I was breaking silence something he didn’t like. I was going to video him and needed to get someone to turn on the lights when he started talking. Believe me I felt his disapproval. I didn’t like it.

If you inhibit your emotions to prevent negative interaction with others then you need to find a way to express them as soon as you can. Keeping them bottled up will cause you damage. If you can’t express negative emotions you may need to learn how to express positive emotions too. Practice smiling at yourself in a mirror. You will soon get the hang of it. You can stop when you laugh out loud.

One of the best ways to calm and rest the emotional body is to meditate. It can help to remove any of the stresses accumulated during the day. It is a bit like an emotional reset. You are probably noting a pattern here. There are lots of other ways to let them out but not all of them are so benign.

The more subtle part of our emotional body is how we feel. That underlying state of our Being. If you are generally unhappy then do something about it. If you get very angry but still feel fine below it, after the anger has passed, then all is perfectly fine. If you get very angry but that anger remains with you then you need to do something about it. This applies to any emotion. Find a way to express it or ask for guidance.

These three bodies are the living being that dies when you do. Their higher aspects remain and move forwards You never die.

The Etheric or Energy body

Now we are starting to deal with the less tangible. To a great extent our etheric body is subject to our behaviour. If we have all the other things right then it will reflect this. There are a few things we can do to improve it if something is wrong but taking care of the other bodies first will improve things here too. Your aura is part of the energy body. It indicates how you are to someone who can see it.  The Physical body is the densest and also the smallest. Your bodies get bigger as they get more refined. the energy body can be enormous depending on how aware and conscious you are.

There are lots of techniques which are quite subtle like Reiki, for example but personally I don’t like using them. It is too low for me. Low in a vibrational sense means that having a treatment adjusts me to a place that is not ME. High, Low it doesn’t really matter where you are in the cosmic elevator. You need to find your balance. We are all where we are. For a good reason because that is what is best for You. We are all growing all the time and how you are with it will keep changing.

I prefer to keep my energy my own and take full responsibility for it. If there is a problem I deal with it. If I can’t then I seek assistance but from higher level Beings, my guides and mentors first. We are all cared for and only need to ask.

If you have a problem of any kind that you have tried but cannot solve then ask for help. You can ask people but they will respond as people do. Some will be helpful others not. Ask your guides and mentors or any of the higher Beings and you will be given firm support. It may happen that the answer just pops into your head or it may come in other ways. You may have to wait a while but you will be given help. A Being may appear in front of you. You will never know the where or how and it is usually unexpected which makes it fun.

I was extremely ill for a while. The largest chamber of my heart had stopped working and my pulse was ragged and all over the place. My heart did stop briefly at one point and I died or started to but it restarted again. I was in a bit of a state. I was cut off from all the people and Beings I had been working with and could not solve the problem.  I asked for help…. I have mention that I was operated on, this was done at the level of my energy body.

I got the Marks brothers. Not literally but the etheric Beings that came to assists me behaved just like them. These weirdos made me lie down on the floor and proceeded to carry out a hysterical operation. One would put his hand in my chest and pull something out look at it shrug and through it over his shoulder saying, ‘No he doesn’t need that,’ to give you an example. It went on for some time and I was in no state to ague. Their antics kept me occupied. When they finally finished I did feel a whole lot better. It was a most bizarre experience but it was obviously the help I needed at the time.

I am very sensitive to other peoples energy. Touching someone or their touching me reveals a lot about them. If they are marvellous Beings then yes it can be pleasant but if not then this is not always desirable. Giving hugs I can handle because I am ready for it but unless I am actively participating in healing them, which doesn’t happen very often, then I try not to make too much physical contact. Its a bit of a pain but it’s who I am and I have had to get used to it. My sense of Self has gradually removed the problem but that is mainly because I have looked after me. I can handle more or less anything now and have had to. My daily routine and lifestyle has made me strong.

You need to be aware of your own sensitivity. If you pick up other peoples energy empathetically then you can be overwhelmed by it. It may overshadow you for a while until you get back to being You. This can also happen triggered by the places that you visit. A hedonistic club may be too low for you. You will feel apprehensive going in and only need take note of the warning. Most places have been cleared but there are still a few spots on the Earth that can startle the unwary. You can pick up etheric hitch hikers without realizing it. Not all of them are benign.

Chemically induced highs are very low level entertainment and serve no useful purpose. Getting stoned once is a great way to expand yourSelf especially if you are stuck but never do it again. Drugs are not the way to higher states of Being. Smoking marijuana for a long period can damage the silver cord that connect you to your physical body. You become detached and no good to yourself or anybody. More powerful drugs can blow holes in your auric field. Life becomes uncomfortable and harsh for no good reason. There are no real benefits. Alcohol is equally abhorrent. Don’t go there. These artificial highs leave your body’s front door open for unwelcome visitors to come in. That is what happens when you do stupid things when drunk or high. You are literally out of it. If you have a problem then seek ways to stop. Ask for help.

I had a friend who became a heroin addict and an alcoholic and he slid right to the very bottom of the pile. He saved himself and is now a truly wonderful person but he is very unusual. If you have a problem ask for someone to help you. Making that choice is enough to get you out of anywhere.

As I said at the beginning of this section our aura is an indicator of our well Being.
 One of the best ways to revitalize and clean the etheric body is to meditate. It can help to remove any of the stresses accumulated during the day and will make this body glow. Any negative beings that have latched onto you will flee the higher energy you generate as you meditate. Perhaps the pattern is obvious by now but there is really no downside to meditating.
 Overdoing it is about the only way to cause a problem. Balance is essential. Rest and action but the action needs to be dynamic not sitting around waiting until you can meditate again.

The Ego

I have put this section in here because it is where it fits. The Ego is very important without it we would not exist. This much maligned and ostracised part of us is what makes each individual unique. Ego is a Latin word that means I am. In the vast sea of creation we are an individual awareness. This awareness knows itself. That is the Ego’s role; to give us a separation from the whole and define our personal identity. Each one of us is of value. To have an ego does not cut us off but is our connection to the Divine. It defines who we are.

In it’s usual way the dark has twisted the interpretation and defines the ego as our weaknesses and has made it a pariah. An egotist is someone who is self absorbed and moving against the flow. They try to dominate using their will and act like a child. That is undesirable but misses the point. It is not the Ego that does this but that persons lack of one, they are disconnected and therefore insecure.

Our I am’ness is what is important. The small and insignificant fears and insecurities are not who you are or the Ego. By all means work on them but do not try to remove the Ego. It is a futile exercise anyway you will never do it. The Ego is your link to your Divine Self.

The Higher Self

The highest value of you is the great I AM Presence. We each are a fully realized Being. How you experience this aspect of who you is dependent on your awareness, your personal level of consciousness. For the moment we are hidden behind the veil and have forgotten who we are. But that is an illusion that you can override. You can Be the Highest or Lowest at any time. That is simply a choice. We can choose to move beyond our apparent limits. I have discovered the true Being I am inside my heart. I am still examining this experience you can read about it in my blog post. I suggest you start here and go forwards. It follows my personal journey.

We are also a collective group consciousness – We Are. We are all going higher. That means we have access to far more both individually and as a group. You also choose where to put your awareness. I recommend that is your highest good. The best that you can Be. You do that by ignoring the fantasy around you. Use your feelings as a guide and move away from the lower levels. It is the direction we are all going.

You can invoke your highest value at any time. I find meditation makes a good portal. I can get the answers to anything by tuning in to my Higher Self. I simply sit and when I am there thoughtless and relaxed I ask and the answers come. Answers usually lead to more questions. It is a great way to learn – anything. You can also use this space to interact with any of the bodies. Instructions from here can create great healing. Use it to regenerate the physical body by instructing it to heal. It has the ability to repair itself but will also guide how best to do this.

You will know once you have reached this level and if you haven’t then set it as an objective. You can manifest that you do. It isn’t hard. It is who you are and where we are all heading. You only have to make it a focus.


I have used a fairly easy nomenclature for the different bodies. They are not separate but combined and overlap each other but I have tried to make it a simple as I can. These are not all of them. Everywhere you are able to Be requires a body. There are very many layers to creation. Each one of us has different abilities and can Be in different places. The more subtle energy bodies are susceptible to the grosser aspects of creation. Work on the later and all of You will benefit.

One final thing

Setting your personal boundaries is important. Sometimes a person can come into our lives for a while and we resonate with them. We grow and as we move along they may stay where they are or can grow at a different speed or direction. Most of the time this doesn’t matter they drop out of our lives quite naturally. Occasionally we have to take that action. If there is someone in your life who constantly brings you low and makes your life uncomfortable then consider removing them. If they are into drugs or alcohol and you are not, then this is an obvious choice to make. You don’t need to be where they are if you have made a different choice. This applies even if they are a close relative. You can still be related but don’t have to do it up close. I have had to make that choice with a very close friend.

I was once asked to remove someone from my life by St Germaine. He put it simply this person enjoyed a thorny way, you like a more pleasant path. This was true. This person’s path was very thorny and he enjoyed his constant battles. St Germaine told me to remove him because he was not helping me. It was not a pleasant thing to do, we had worked closely for many years and he relied on me but I had outgrown him. He was no longer helping me to grow.

I was honest and told him exactly what I had been told. After about ten years he contacted me again out of the blue. I had appeared in his dreams several times he said and knew he needed to get in touch. We never spoke, we were on opposite sides of the world but we texted and emailed each other. I was open to his having changed but it quickly became apparent that he hadn’t. He wanted our relationship exactly as it was before on his terms but that was no longer possible. I am no longer who I was.

The experience was useful because it showed me how far I have come and how supportive it was to drop him. Like the vulgar or irritating friend on Facebook you simply unfriend them and their influence is gone. It was difficult and required me to stand up for myself against him which was something I had never done. He was a powerful person and could have done me harm. It was part of my fear training but afterwards life becomes a pleasant place again. You don’t stop loving someone but removing them can mean they no longer influence you. This is an uncomfortable but powerful way to grow. You may be able to remove yourself enough that the influence is removed but you still remain friends. I have done that too. Establishing your personal space is essential. You may need to assert your Self. Powerful people can be insensitive to others needs. You may need to explain what they are doing wrong or they will walk all over you.


At the moment we are in the process of Ascending and this process can have some effects on our well Being. It is a time to rest more than anything else but sometimes we may have symptoms that appear to mean that we are ill or going mad or both. That may not be the case. Use your own inner guidance on this….

Do a search for Ascension Symptoms and look at what resonates with you. I have had them all and some. I am coping with new ones all the time. It is a very dynamic period for everyone.

Looking after your Self

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