There is far more going on around us than we can sense. Some of us can see and feel a bit more, it just depends on who you are. If you have no imagination your world is a significantly smaller place. Does that mean what I am writing about is fabricated? I don’t think so but then who knows?

Some people may have seen this post before. I am revising, updating and adding to some of my old blog posts. Times have changed and I can say things now that I wasn’t able to do when I first wrote them.

A few years ago I was at a school production doing the parenting thing. I was introduced to one of the teachers and had an immediate reaction to her. I could sense fear and she made me uncomfortable. She was nice enough, perhaps a bit harsh with her discipline but enthusiastic with her class. We shook hands and something passed between us. It was odd and I was rather pleased when we moved away from her.

Unknown to me she had been cursed probably by a Maori. I live in New Zealand after all. I don’t interact much with the Maori, at least not the live ones, but have spent quite a lot of energy undoing their curses and moving on dead ones. Individually they come across as a supremely gentle people but they are a warrior race and have a violent history. They are similar to the British in that regard but they are still connected to Mother Earth and have access to some of her magic. They can be influenced perhaps because they are very open.

They came to New Zealand relatively recently, less than a thousand years ago. They more or less wiped out the peaceful race that lived here before them. Most of their curses appear to use the power of elementals.

In this case the elemental latched onto me somehow and used me as a means of escape. I have lots of weird circuitry that runs in automatic mode. As I was driving home I became aware of something and suddenly realised what it was. I can’t explain how I knew I just did. I cognised it. I have interacted with elementals in Britain when I lived there and am rather sensitive to them.

What are elementals?
They are beings that have a specific part of nature that they are responsible for. This one was an air elemental. Each elemental has unique abilities, you could call it a job that they perform. In this case the elemental reflected. Because the teacher was fearful that is what was reflected back at her. Perhaps the curse involved creating fear which was then reflected back in an endless loop. I don’t know but it must have been very uncomfortable.

For me the elemental reflected back who I am which was a completely opposite experience. I saw a vast Being of light. I was working closely with my partner and I suggested she feel into the elemental which she did and had a similar positive experience. I was fascinated but suddenly realized that although the elemental was not reflecting fear any more it was still tied to me. That was not how it was supposed to be. I released it and gave it or should I say her, her freedom. She was definitely female. It took a while to explain but when she understood she was very happy and disappeared. I forgot about it. This sort of thing is normal for me. Every day is an adventure.

A few days later the elemental came back. She asked me if I minded her being there. I said no not at all. She asked if some of her sisters could come too. I said of course, all were welcome which is how we ended up with elementals all over the place. They really liked the energy of the portal where we were living.

I discovered that if I requested it they would interact with anyone. It seemed they really enjoyed doing this service it was part of their function. We had some fun together. When people turned up, as they often do, I could request an elemental to interact with them. Each person had a different experience with a different elemental that was exactly what they needed at the time. For a while this was what I did. I found they would even interact with people on the other side of the world. Time and distance means nothing to them. We have moved on and don’t do it any more so please don’t ask. If you would like to have this experience then ask them yourself. If it is appropriate it will happen for you. The place we lived enabled the elementals to come there quite easily. Not everywhere is as easy for them. Electricity is particularly uncomfortable for them. We have moved away and so has the portal but I will get to that.

We spent time freeing other elementals whenever they were able to get our attention. This could be quite dramatic. One fire elemental caused a glass orange squeezer to leap off the draining board and explode while my partner was doing the washing up. It took a while to understand what the problem was but once we did I was able to free her. We have mentioned this to a few people who work like we do and they have found they can free the elementals too. If you want to do this you only need to put it into your awareness. But be warned it takes a bit of getting used to. They are powerful Beings.

At that time as I have mentioned we lived in a portal. A portal is an energy vortex. A node point that connects to other dimensions. Most portals have a guardian. The two portals that I have been involved with in New Zealand both had dragons as guardians. They are intelligent, long lived, incorruptible and more or less indestructible. Ours was a relatively young dragon but then it was a relatively new portal. I have met a much, much older one.

Our guardian first showed himself when I was being attacked by a disembodied spirits of live people. They were very angry with me because I had just released a very mad soul, a dead Maori wise women. She had been hung by her husband who was the local chief. She was completely deranged and he hung her probably to protect the tribe. This is actually documented and within living memory.

She was mad because she had been tapping into the old portal that ours replaced. The old portal had collapsed as did so many when Mother Earth was knocked out of her rightful position. This was an event known as the fall. The fall happened many thousands of years ago. It was a physical fall but caused a fall in consciousness. This was the point when we the human race lost memory of who we really are. It is also a very long story which I won’t go into here. It is part of my story and I will get around to it in another post.

The collapsed portal like all others originally went up to the higher dimensions and brought their vibrations down to Mother Earth. Portals are doorways but also bring in the rays of energy that sustain our planet. When this portal collapsed it fell down into the lower dimensions. The dead women had been drawing up lower vibrational energy. The lower vibrations gave her enormous power but were not right for her and eventually sent her completely crazy. Her madness created a much lower vibration in her and here.

One night I woke around 2 am and prompted by my intuition felt I needed to meditate. I went into the main room which was at the center of the vortex and sat. I had been meditating for only a short while when I felt a presence and opened my eyes. A ball of blueish light was hovering on the other side of the room. I could feel an old women. Telepathically we started to communicate. The old women was quite nasty and gloating telling me that she was going to take me over. I wasn’t afraid and told her to go ahead. She dived into me and we struggled but only briefly. She was very strong but I managed to send her up into the vortex which sucked her up and away. It seems I am designed for things like that.

She returned a few days later, sane glowing and very grateful. She thanked me for helping her to move on. She had also moved on all the dead people from her tribe who had been trapped here on the Earth plane by her madness. The Maori had some unsavoury habits which I won’t dwell on but it helps understand what we were up against. They would take a warrior to a place on the land where they wanted him to guard it. They would decapitate him from behind then tie him to the land setting his head up as a guardian. His ghost or some part of his being would continue to guard it until he was released. There are a fair number of these skulls about. The mad women had a link to these dead guards but also to all the people in her tribe who had died. She had helped establish and energies a dark line of energy which was part of the negative matrix. The energy created by her dissipated when I moved her on. The ones in this world who had a vested interest in keeping the energy low were not happy with my actions. The next night they sent three out of body people to sort me out.

I had the urge to meditate again and this time not one but three balls of light appeared. They were all much bigger and more vibrant then the old women. I thought “Oh shit!” but told them to come on and try their best. At this point the dragon intervened. He hurumped which felt like someone saying for goodness sake and suddenly they were gone. I felt it happen but didn’t see him just felt him take them out. I sensed what he had done but did not really understand at the time. It took a while before we started to interact. But first let me back track a bit.

I am a gate keeper and was trained to protect a huge 100 mile wide portal that was being opened where I lived in England. The opening of that portal failed to manifest down to this dimension and I was released from my commitment, otherwise I would still be there. I would also be unable to talk about it. I have knowledge buried in me somewhere that enables me to work with portals. Before we moved to the house on the new vortex we had been living at another collapsed portal. Portals are energy vortexes but as the name implies they are also gateways.

When this portal collapsed it trapped and killed thousands of beings who were using it as a transit point. It also trapped the guardian who was a very ancient female dragon. She like all dragons live off the rays of energy that pour into creation from the central sun. This dragon had been cut off from the life force and trapped with only the dead souls for company for tens of thousands of years. She was extremely depleted and quite mad. The madness was caused by being separated from source.

Fortunately I was able to act as a focus to bring energy back to her. On one glorious blue sky day I felt something and looking up  I saw a river of beautiful blue energy pouring down towards me from very high up. I helped to anchor it in.

This took me a couple of weeks to build. I had to dismantle it only a few weeks later.
The big pot is overflowing with water and the jets poured out onto a crystal mounted on the stone which sealed the portal.

The process was fairly involved and involved me building a fountain over the portal. I used energised rocks which kept the dragon from escaping but the fountain fed her by anchoring and circulating this new energy. The dragon had to be kept in the portal because she was quite mad and very dangerous but fortunately for me she didn’t have very much energy left.  She or something working through her tried to take me over and I was seriously ill for a while but it all worked out in the end.

A dark being from my Atlantian past sent me a crystal. She received it from John of God but it was booby trapped and nearly took me out when I touched it. It pierced a shield that I had been wearing to protect me from such attacks and I ended up in hospital yet again! It got rather complicated and I won’t go into it now. John of God probably had no idea about it. It was very well hidden.

I am a person of peace not a warrior but I got so that I used to joke that no one has tried to kill me this week. It was constant and hard but I am still here.

The energy that was feeding the dragon was designed to help restore her sanity as well as her strength. When she regained enough strength she would also be able to get herself out of her prison. Hopefully she would also be sane by that time. Once we had all this set up we then then moved to the new portal. The timing was quite critical.

About the time when the second dragon started to interact with me this older dragon managed to break out. That was quite a shock. One day as we were doing our daily meditation I felt someone in front of me. I opened my eyes and there was a huge dragon head more or less nose to nose with me. Her head was about eight feet across and she had enormous soulful eyes but she was only a few inches away. Much too close! I was very deep in meditation and it was a bit of a surprise.

She had come to let me know she had escaped but she was also being guided out through our portal. She was still depleted and not very balanced but much better than she had been. Once she was fully recovered she visited me again to let me see her true Self. She was truly magnificent, a very regal being and an awesome sight. I feel very privileged to have met her.

Dragons then are energy beings. They don’t eat people are completely unbiased about our doings but act in the interest of the Law of One. The Unity which we all Are.

Our local dragon was friendly and interested in us. When we started to communicate and I befriended him and told him he was my friend. He did not understand the concept and I had to explain it to him. He was a fast learner.

One day he said to me “You are my friend.”
The Elementals are your friends?’
“Then they are my friends too’

His logic was faultless and I introduced them to each other. They started to hang out together. It was very funny. They appeared to like one another.

After four years working on the energies upgrading them and dismantling the old negative grid we eventually moved our new portal in to replace where the collapsed portal the mad women had used had been. Just being there is quite dangerous for me because of what it had been. I don’t go near it unless I am called to do so but it is working perfectly now and has expanded quite a bit. The dark energy line has now collapsed and we have blocked off all the places where it reached down. The dragon moved with the portal and I have not interacted with him for a while.

He was one of my nicer experiences.I have been meaning to write about Dragons for a long time. I was born in the year of the Water Dragon and perhaps that helps. They are one of my favourite Beings and not at all how they have been depicted. They can be a bit formal as they grow older but they are well worth getting to know.

Dragons and Elementals
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