Orb guardian of the bridge
Orb guardian of the bridge

We are all guardians of our personal bridge.

All is illusion, let it dissolve away.
The only truth is the One you discover inside your Self.
Most of what is happening at this moment is a letting go.
Let go of who you think you are.
Discard that minor character you no longer need to play.
Let go of despair, let go of disappointment.
Let go of your successes, your achievements.
Let go of your judgements on yourself.
Let go of your pain and your joy.
Let go of experiences.
Don’t hold onto trauma, those wounds from the past.
Don’t hold onto any magic moments.
None of them is important or necessary.
You have no karma…. that was just part of the game we were playing.
Relax all is well… better than well
Let go of what you think you know.
Let go of all your negative emotions, let go of all your positive emotions.
Let it all go…
When you do this you open the doorway to who you really are.
You will rediscover your true Self.
Everything that is happening now is perfect.
Enjoy it.

Being Real

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