As we move into our wonderful new world the rules and the way we interact with each other are changing. We are very powerful beings and some of the things we have always accepted are no longer applicable.

You need to take care how you think about others but most importantly how you think about your Self.

Let me give you a simple example from my own experience of how influenced we are.

My paternal grandmother was a highly evolved being, she was a theosophist, a vegetarian from a very early age, and a moderately famous astrologer. She had a very strong influence on our family and I enjoyed her immensely. She wore white silk dresses even in winter, used a pendulum, meditated in the moonlight and was into alternative therapies in the 1930’s. She hardly ever wore shoes. I found her fascinating.

In the mid fifties I loved to wander around her house with a burning incense stick, that she would give me, being a train. Yes there were still steam trains around when I was young. I often say that I was born in the dark ages but this lady was way ahead of me. She was born in the late nineteenth century and brought up in a conventional Victorian household. She ran off with her boss who was a married man, much older than she was and they set up a household and had three children together. Normal for today perhaps but definitely not acceptable behaviour for the period. She was a powerful highly independent person who ran her life just as she wanted.

She drew up my astrological chart on the day that I was born and it was extremely accurate. Obviously my birth time was recorded precisely. Being very alternative I have come across many different kinds of astrologer since. Her reading is still the most accurate or was it?

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Inside The Circle by Maiarcita

I started to question astrology are rather astrologers interpretations, after being told very different things by the different people that I consulted or came across in my travels. Jyotishi, indian vedic astrologers, often visited the community where I once lived. They were renowned pundits and said to be the best in the world. Each one told me something different. I was single, celibate and had been for years and remained so for another twenty but they kept going on talking about my wife. They told me I wouldn’t travel. Nothing at all they said resonated with me. I have foresight and can look into the future but they obviously couldn’t. All their study revealed nothing for me. I freaked them out and made them quite uncomfortable because I didn’t even look as I should. I had the chart of a Brahmin but looked like a hippy. I couldn’t understand why nothing they said made any sense and nobody would listen to me when I questioned them.

We have have had many astrologers and numerologist turn up at our house. None of them get me right. My partner said that I must be a walk in because like me she sees clearly that what they say about me doesn’t even come close. We have been together for nine years and been through quite a lot. She knows me rather well. I don’t think that I am a walk in. I can remember this life right back to aged two in clear detail but then who knows. It took many years before I finally realised what was going on.

I will digress even more but be patient.

If you live in the north of England you are exposed to a miserable climate. You get a really good summer for a couple of weeks perhaps every four or five years. It’s cold and damp and miserable most of the time. It rains a an awful lot and is windy or overcast even in the middle of summer and yet the people there are some of the nicest. They are warm and very friendly, happy with with what they have, which is not much. Their temperament is not dictated by their weather.

Think of the influence of the planets like the weather. You are free to be influenced by them if you let them. Their influence is still there for me but we are much more powerful than that. The influence of astrology ceased for me when I threw away all my readings and charts. It was a free will decision. I decided to change my soul contract without knowing that I was doing that. I stepped out of where I was going and made a new version of my Self. At the time I was working with very high level Beings who were assisting me. I was changed in many ways.

Now I am not against astrology but I have much better ways of looking ahead or at this Now. If you must consult then do the reading for your Self. Learn all the stuff you need to know.

When you have an astrological reading from someone else it is only an interpretation of the mathematics of they planets positions at the level of consciousness and understanding of the person doing the reading. If you let it, as I did with my grandmother’s reading, you can be heavily influenced and follow it to the letter. I tamely expected to get exactly what I got.

We have the power to create our own reality and never more so than now. The external influences that have been controlling all of us are finally fading fast. We are now very much in control of our own destiny. We make our lives for our Self. There are many influences which press upon us.

As we grow up there comes a time when the influence of our family no longer dictates how we think of ourselves. This maturation process can come at any time in your life but for me it was when I was about twenty. I left home at eighteen but noticed that when I visited my family I changed, from the me that I was when I was away back to the me my family expected me to be. This was very obvious when I brought new friends home with me. They noticed. It stopped happening shortly after I noticed too. My family didn’t like who I Am very much. I don’t follow the rules and it took a long time before they stopped projecting who they thought I was onto me. But they had no choice but to accept me as I Am. I am pretty hard to ignore. It took some of them longer than others.

I now know intimately who I Am but that is constantly changing.

I have spoken in a previous blog about how to treat your Self when experiencing strong emotions. It is very important to observe how you feel now because we are changing so dramatically. Notice what is happening and react accordingly. If you find you are experiencing anxiety or fear acknowledge this and watch it go. Being a silent observer you detach your Self from the experience and then are no longer overcome by it and the influence quickly passes. Feeling into the emotion is another good way to help it move. Get really into it as deeply as you can, don’t resist it.

This blog post is supposed to be about loving your Self.
The first step to doing that is to be aware of all the external influences that define you. It doesn’t matter if you consider them good or bad they aren’t you. You need to find You in order to be able to truly love your Self. Love is unconditionally and has nothing to do with how you like who you are at this moment. That will come once you find out who you really are…

To do that you have to let go of any props or people that support you. Stand up on your own and be You.

Once you have You sorted out then the obvious next step is to remove your projections onto other people. If you are no longer influenced by how others see you then it’s much easier to accept them as they are. Teach any dependant children to be independent by letting them be them Selves too.

There are numerous other ways to start loving your Self but this will give you a start.

Astrologically the weather is very good at the moment. The Sun is shining brilliantly regardless if you happen to be under a cloud.



Loving your Self

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