Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 8.52.37 amFor the last ten thousand years and more we have been subject to. That is now changing. We live in a delusion that is failing. There are ways to speed up that process. If you want to actively step out of the illusion it will break down that much quicker. We are changing and so is our World.

You can Be proactive about this or enjoy the ride you will get there regardless but if you want to quickly change your awareness then try this.

Go BE in nature.

The quickest and simplest solution to removing your Self from oppression is to go out into nature. The control structure of the systems that control us are weaker out of the urban environment. Cities with their high concentrations of people are much easier to control than the rural areas. The low number of people in the countryside make them insignificant. That doesn’t mean they are unaffected but are much less so.

Being in nature will revitalize your whole Being. A beautiful view will do wonders for You. Go watch a sunrise or a sunset will do.

Go do something you really enjoy

Happiness changes your whole Being.

Tune out the Media.

The mainstream and quite a lot of the not so mainstream media has vested interests and tells you what they want you to hear. Most of it is just propaganda which promotes fear. The main problem with everything in the media is that truth and lies are intermixed. There is some honest reporting but there are also lots of tricks. Let me share just one current news story and look at it in a bit more detail. This is going way deep into the rabbit hole. If you are of a nervous disposition be warned it may upset you.

This article is taken from the BBC. Ebola: Mapping the outbreak

Ebola is the latest of very many pandemic scares from the W.H.O. The World Health Organization. Now the W.H.O. was created and is 80% funded by the people that own the pharmaceutical companies. That in itself is not surprising, medicine these days means drugs. It also has a vested interest in propagating disease, not just for profit.

Here is another article about Ebola, a counter argument if you like. The Ebola Outbreak: The “Pandemic” that isn’t.

I am not authenticating either article just showing you what is out there.

Now I have had some interaction with supposed pandemics and wrote a blog post about that here.

It was an intense experience and we had to overcome our fear in order to deal with the situation. The work we did was based on discoveries made by Royal Rife who you can learn about here. Rife was the Tesla of the medical world. There are a lot of diss-information sites about Rife so be discerning.

Just recently our work was mention by Mathew who is one of the Ascended Masters. He speaks through his Mother Susie Ward. I am not a big fan of channeled messages but You can take it as you like. He is very specific about the process I describe. He also explains what has been going on with medical interference. Mathew’s message

Dr. Robert Streker was the first to suggest that AIDS was a genetically engineered bio weapon spread by inoculation programs set up by the W.H.O. He has ‘disappeared’ but his work is well documented in this video series.  It is of it’s day but worth watching. Streker was a brave pioneer.

Now if you are still with me you can see that there is very much more to this one article than is obvious. Rest assured that action has been taken and no plagues are going to break out. The fear mongering is only part of the story but that is what I am focusing on.

The point of this exercise is to show you that you can’t trust the media because the media has an agenda or rather those that own it do.

Tune it out by turning it off.

The propaganda machine’s most potent weapon is TV. Your TV if you have one is not doing you any good at all, unplug it when not in use because it is transmitting even when off. Better still cut off the plug (unplug it first please). Try that for a month and you really won’t regret it. Computer games and their boxes are another whole lot of trouble. If you want to step out of the Matrix get rid of them all.

You can change the effects of technology using the matrix to undo itself but you won’t be able to do that if you are still even partially plugged in.

All of our wonderful digital toys are harmful but none more so than the so called smart phones. I don’t have or use one and I am teched up to the max. I have five screens in front of me as I write this and normally use three or more computers at once. I have changed them so they are not harmful but won’t even consider a phone.

Things are changing and we are all in for a wonderful ride. The ride gets much smoother if you step out of the heavily influenced amusement arcade. Once you are out then you can start having some fun. You can adjust technology but that may not be necessary. We will have some much better toys very soon.

Tune in

This is by far the most important step.

Find time to tune into your Self every day. Meditation is one of the easiest ways and there are plenty of flavors to choose from. Be with your Self. At the moment the energies pouring into the Earth are so powerful you barely need to sit still and close your eyes. If you ask all will be given to You.

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Stepping out of the Matrix

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