We are all the product of deep programming. We have been indoctrinated since birth. Let’s see if I can un-programme you a little.

Those of us on the front of the wave of change have the opportunity to change right now and in so doing we experience the discomfort this may cause. We can then assist others to make that same change. It is a choice but it can be remarkably hard to let go of what you think you know.

Let me give you an example. I promise it won’t hurt – well not very much.

Conservation. A good thing right, most of us support the ideology. But isn’t that what you do to jam, freeze it in a stable state so that it doesn’t change or degrade.
Nature is not conservative. She spreads her seeds far and wide. She is truly abundant, constantly changing and evolving. You only need to nurture her not fix her, she can do that all by herself.

Do you get the point?

It is not that I disagree with trying to prevent deforestation and species elimination but that we placidly accept the premiss to conserve. Our responsibilities require much more than that.

The same applies to green thinking. Things like global warming has generated some very restrictive practices. It was a total fabrication that shifted the blame for pollution, that is all it is. It has no scientific basis. If you haven’t worked that out for yourself yet then try this.

Instead of working out how you can make the least impact and reduce your CO2 emissions you should be demanding the use of available technologies suppressed because what they do is free. There is no reason to conserve resources when you have infinite supply.

Green thinking has been distorted in a very clever way. We expect less not more. The ideology is fine but it has been manipulated to generate fear. Fear of causing harm. The harm is caused because we have no choice. The harmless devices have been sitting on the shelf and kept from us for a very long time but they are starting to appear.

How do you feel now have I touched any nerves?
I will keep going.

Lets look at some New Age thinking. Shamanism for a start, ancestral knowledge in tune with Spirit and Nature from the ethnic peoples. We all share affection for this mystical world.

Well actually I don’t. I remember my origins from about 900,000 years ago. I came here on a starship not a horse. I was an Earth Keeper and lived in a cave but it was a very comfortable high tech cave. The Lemurian era was not simple in that regard. We have forgotten and have been actively encouraged to remember living in very primitive conditions. This is memory from our very recent past. Our official history only goes back for about ten thousand years.

Man first colonized this planet about two million years ago. The memory of the link to Mother Earth is still there but most shamans can’t even manage that. Their intention and processes are benign but I have argument with almost everything they teach. We all have the ability to speak to the Divine Mother. It is easy and only requires an open heart. You don’t need anything else. Once you have that all the rest of nature becomes accessible as a living breathing Being. You don’t have to be clever or devout just open to anything.

I love all animals and like horses but would never ride one, I would never do that to them, I might run with them but much prefer to walk. I love circular building but a tepee or a yurt is not my idea of an ideal living space. Heated only by an open fire you end up smelling like a chimney. The wood smoke hangs in the air and pollutes everything.

Yes I have been there and done theses things. It was all the rage in the early 1970’s. An earth floor freezes in winter and even when covered with furs it still gets bloody cold. The smoke gave me bronchitis and I became extremely ill. I like a bit of comfort now and don’t like the smell of wood smoke at all. I am very sensitive to it, any smoke is pollution as far as I am concerned. That includes smudge, even incense. They stay in your lungs as particles there are better ways of clearing your living space. I use pure energy, it is very effective. Old souls that are stuck can be moved on. Dark energy can be lightened.

Ok let’s move on to ancestors. I have had the joy of speaking to the Maori ancestors. You can read about that here. I had a second meeting with them and they showed me the link they make which goes all the way to Source, a truly marvelous experience. Our perceptions are more important than anything we get told. My link to them is personal. We each have a line we can join. We don’t need to force it, it’s already there, just look within to find it.

Now how is your emotional body? Have I upset you at all. If yes that’s good you have been changed by what I write.

None of the things I say are important, I know very little. The more I understand the less I actually know but let’s look at Guru’s now. These wise men and women have evolved to a level of consciousness that they call enlightened.

Great, and what they teach is very valuable but it’s only kindergarten.

If you ask their teachers awkward questions as I did you get shut up or thrown out. My experiences did not fit that world and they had no response when I talked about seeing angels or fairies, elementals and the like. I was told to shut up. They had no advice or any idea how overwhelming it is to see auras, empathize or to pick up other peoples thoughts. I had to learn how to handle those things myself. It may sound delightful but it was a difficult at first.

How to sit and breath, meditate and lots of postures. All beneficial but it’s time to take responsibility your Self. You don’t need to stop the processes you have learned but press your teachers to give more, if they are still alive. Most of them have left now. Their work is done. If you can still talk to them you probably don’t need to listen to me.

Do they speak of what is happening? Do they talk about our Galactic family waiting just above our heads? There are literally billions of them. They are so close now they are effecting us by joining our collective group consciousness. They are here to help generate the changes that are approaching very fast.

It is very easy to pick holes. I only intend to adjust the way you think not just to take your whole world apart. But that is going to happen soon and I want to prepare you for it.

These few examples of how I think may perplex you but what is coming is going way beyond anything I have talked about. The new technology will change everything about our lives and it is useful to start to think what you will do when you no longer have to struggle to make a living.

Just one device I know about will completely revolutionize the planet. The replicator will remove the need for agriculture, forestry, manufacturing and transport. It will remove all waste. You simply put what you no longer need back into the device. Your body wastes will stop too because you can absorb 100% of all the food. Sewage will be a thing of the past. It will solve more or less all struggle and provide food, shelter, clothing for everyone without exception. All the poor of Africa will have fresh clean drinking water and as much food as they want. That is something worth thinking about. Most of them are extremely bright but struggle to stay alive. What will they be teaching us once they have they have had the basics for a while?

Cleaning up the Earth is our responsibility but it won’t be that hard. What do you have that you can contribute? What do you want to do?

It’s time to revolutionize your thinking and your expectations. When you can have anything you want who needs money.

Thinking Upside Down

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