One of the basic principles of life is that we are all ONE but what does that mean and why does that matter. Why aren’t we all aware of it now?

At the end the Atlantian period our human ancestors were ‘adjusted’ actually reduced greatly, carefully manipulated and divided in order to make a slave race. We were fully conscious Beings but forgot who we are. It didn’t work very well and the experiment was terminated. The humans were killed off except for a few breading stock and then the experiment was tried again. This has happened more than once. Big floods and fire were used to remove the unwanted slaves. The records of theses incidence can be seen in the strata of the Earth and we still hold the experience in our racial memory. Noah’s flood is just one example. The fear based society we have been living in has only been around for a relatively short time. The experiment is breaking down yet again and we are starting to remember who we really are.

This is part of the Divine plan.

We knowingly participated in the experiment in order to obtain knowledge and understanding of what it is like to be part of the dark.

The experiments to try to create a good slave race were carried out over many thousands of years. What we had before is not recorded openly. Information about our past has been removed or distorted, our racial memory altered. There is still plenty of evidence that takes our history much further back but academia, or rather those that controlled academia, did not allow it. In New Zealand for instance there is an official government order preventing discussion about ancient stoneworks that look Celtic and predate the Maori by many thousands of years. Why is that? What harm could it do?

Divided we are easy to control, united by common history as in my example, we become much stronger. Our differences loose power. We also start to remember who we are. Additionally parts of the stone works are the remains of powerful technology.
See Michael Tellinger’s work if this interests you.

This principle of division, in order to control applies to everything.

Take something like the ecological movement. It has been splintered and now has many, sometimes opposing groups, who dispense disinformation they have been fed as well as truth. Of course that is just my opinion but lets examine one campaign, ‘Climate Change’ for instance. See how cleverly this topic has been manipulated. It started out with the basic idea of ‘global warming’ something scientists said was being caused by CO2 emissions. Reduce the emissions and the problem would be solved, a relatively simple idea.

Just to clarify; the problem is pollution but CO2 emissions are still rising steeply. Nothing much has changed. Even fifteen years ago it had became obvious that there was no longer a correlate between CO2 levels and temperature change which was actually going down slightly.

When you investigate science reveals that the warming period was actually experienced by all the other planets in our solar system. Most of them had higher temperature elevations than we had on the Earth. The obvious conclusion from the data then is that the increase in temperature was probably caused by our Sun.

The Sun
The Sun

When Global Warming failed to happen that theory was abandoned and Climate Change was introduced. It covers anything, is not specific but people think it means the same thing.

Climate Gate revealed that scientists had been manipulating the data. But why? What possible motive would they have?
The Pollution hasn’t gone away and is increasing every day. The focus then is ‘Climate Change’ is actually something we can’t do anything about because it is caused by the sun. Pollution, the problem which we can do something about, appears unresolved. Someone is even cashing in on the problem, we  now have carbon tax that generate revenue from pollution. Those who really care spend their energy fighting legislation designed to subvert the reduction of pollution at every opportunity. Why? It makes no sense. That is because it is not intended to. But why?

Vested interests in the controlling group want to kill us off again and care nothing for the Earth. They simply want to terminate the experiment. If they could kill the Earth and still live here they would have already done it. They have tried to wipe us out many times. Fortunately they have not be allowed to do that. It is not the Divine will that this should happen. Earth herself requested assistance which is why many of us are here.

The information about the sun is being ignored, suppressed and is very seldom heard. If you want a good scientific explanation and descriptions about it try this. The growth in personal consciousness includes scientist and some of them are starting to speak out.

Our Sun is changing and is emitting increasingly higher vibrations all the time. Because of that our whole environment is changing at all levels not just the climate, so are we. Why?

The dark was given a period of time in which they could operate here. That period ended some time ago. They have gone, actually they changed sides. All that are left are a few etheric level leaders who were the dark’s underlings and the minions who they control. They are so depleted they won’t last long. Their main control system, money is about to be radically changed and a magnificent plan is already underway to restore us to who we were.

I keep posing questions to stimulate you into looking for some answers. It is important that you discover what is going on. It is part of your waking up. Once you have a few answers you can share them and doing that will help to wake others up too. If you already have the answers I hope you are sharing them with anyone who is ready to listen. Most people are ready now. A critical mass needs to be reached and it is very close.

Our connection to each other is and creates our collective group consciousness. But we are not all the same. We each contribute a specific rare value. Our differences are our individual contribution to the whole and make the Oneness richer, a garment of many coloured threads. The Oneness continually expands and explores itself which is why we chose to participate in this experiment. We can teach the knowing we have gained to others. This service is part of the reason why we are to be restored.

We are going to rejoin our Selves.

Being One

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