We each learn in a different way. What we learn can be rather daunting sometimes.

I have had a colourful life. I chose it. I am a difficult and colourful person because that is what I choose to Be. So many experiences …

They all make impressions on our Being but none is more valid than any other. The homeless man who smiled at me when I was really struggling is just as valuable as the kundalini bliss out I had after many hours of meditation. They are all just experiences, momentary happenings. Good – bad they are all the same, now they are all gone. They no longer exist.

I am still here. I remain always, I am not an experience, I am. When I thought I knew, I found something that I didn’t and it all starts again.

When I died in this lifetime I was in the gap between the worlds before I came back into this body. I was still me there too. It was just an experience. So much we don’t remember.

Now I know that I know nothing, nothing is real or permanent. You can play with this.

The only thing that remains NOW is how I feel.
Not lost or disillusioned that is just an experiences too – a rather disconnected experience … I feel fine. Love is the only thing that is real. It can do anything. We are One. We are everything. We are now.

I see no separation, no distance between us just different illusions we each choose to play with, for this moment, until we remember that all of this is just a game. I will keep playing and have some games to share with you.

Time is an illusion and you can do some really fun things with it.

I like to join the global meditations but because I live in the southern hemisphere and nearly as far east as you can go the times chosen for these events are not always convenient. One such recent event seemed important but would have started a bit too early in the morning even for me.

Not really thinking about it when I was doing my morning meditation I decided to leave myself meditating all day. This is a trick I picked up in some lifetime and I have used occasionally without really thinking about it. Thinking is rather over rated experience, I find doing to be much more fun.

I first discovered this ability when I needed to hold my hand there on someone I was healing. Healing is not something I do often, only when I am inspired to do so. I had finished what I was doing and couldn’t be bothered to stand holding my hand there for a long time which was what was needed. I left my hand there and walked away. You can leave yourSelf or the sense of who you are anywhere, any when. I see it at an etheric level which doesn’t have the same limitations as the physical. The hand I placed remained and the person I was working on could still feel it. They were very surprised when I walked past their line of site. It’s rather fun.

Now this morning I rejoined the me that had been mediating all the time since I last meditated and the energy between us recombined. It was a delicate and pleasant experience. I decided to leave that me meditating permanently. Why not? I had opened my crown chakra and focused my meditating in this direction as part of the process required to bring in light. i can still feel it.

It is a possibility. All time is a possibility, a potential. You can Be in multiple possibilities. You do this all the time every time you make a free will choice. Doing it with awareness is a human potential otherwise i couldn’t do it.

Why not try it. Next time you meditate have the intention and let go of it, that is all it takes.


The only limit I have found is that you need to be vegetarian in order to tap into this kind of potential. Eating meat grounds you to the physical and reduces your abilities. That is just a choice. Food is not really that important, it is how you process it within your body that really matters. It is just an exchange of energy. There are many sources. I only mention it here to avoid disappointment but someone may well prove me wrong.
Life is full of possibilities…


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