Those of us who are waking up and I wouldn’t say that any of us are fully awake yet, have been given information and experiences that are intended to enable us to assists others. We are here to help steer people in the right direction and give them a little more understanding.

In my last post I spoke about using multiple possibilities. Being human we each have a direct link to the Source of all that is. This is what we tap into when we meditate. We reunite. If you create a part of your Self that is meditating all the time then you are consciously united all the time at some level. It gives you an advantage. It says I am going this way.

You are unconsciously united anyway and every time you meditate you become a little more aware. You increase the link. You are getting there.

What you go towards is very important especially at the moment. We are starting to co-create a new paradigm. What we create is up to us each as an individual. You create your own world. Where do you want to live who do you want to Be? You have to Be your Self.

The key to Being who you are is your intention, what you intend to Be. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it together, you fall down, fail miserably, it is what you go towards that matters. There are many obstacles that get put in your way but none of them can stop you. They can only slow you down temporarily but if you continue, no matter what, you will always get there eventually.

Now all of us are being guided, individually and collectively. There are many sign posts.


Some of us are here simply to help point the way, to help others direct themselves in the right direction. It doesn’t mean we know where we are all going or what is going on. It just means we know a small part that we have been given to share. This a very exciting time because things that some of us have been told are finally starting to happen.

To give you an example about fifteen years or longer ago I was told that the Earth was out of position and that She was going to be put back into her rightful place very soon, soon in cosmic terms. At the time it seemed impossible but most of what I was involved with was so outrageous that I just took in on with all the other information. I didn’t think about it. My experience had given me a great trust in the Beings I was working with. I have been sharing this information with anyone who will listen ever since and have written about it on this blog. The group of Beings involved are collectively known as the Elohim and you can read about them here.

The Lightworker group I was working with were helping anchoring energy into the Earth. One project was intended to stabilise parts of south west Britain, to act as a shock absorber for when Mother Earth was moved back to her rightful position. This is what we were told. We did as was required but I wouldn’t say we totally believed it. Today I read a confirmation that yes the Earth has moved. You can read about it here.

Now the guide post I have not only says this would happen but that it is a good thing and nothing to get worried about. That makes a big difference. No doom and gloom. That is what the media does so well and most of us fall for it or certainly we used to. Fear is what was used to control us and there is still a lot of misdirection. People are easily led especially by emotive issues.

Take climate change as an example. A lot of good people believe that climate change is an issue and although they campaign for change they don’t notice how subtly they have been misdirected. Climate is not and never will be a problem, the forces involved are too vast for human intervention. Even the weather control technology pales to nothing. I won’t go into that here because that is not the point I am trying to make. Just know that Earth’s climate is under control, Mother Earth is guarded and can take care of her Self pretty well. Never underestimate a planet and certainly not the Beings who can move her without damaging her or anybody on her. Nothing bad is going to happen.

Pollution and exploitation are the issues. People campaign against pollution and want a change from using fossil fuels but there has been a clever ploy, a slight twist that would have enabled an agenda that would have effected millions if not billions. By siting climate change and linking it to CO2 emissions and us, or rather our use of energy as the cause, we become the polluters and are therefor responsible. If you take on this responsibility you are then giving tacit permission for a solution.

This would be a horrendous plan that would lead to restrictive practices that would make a concentration camp pale into insignificance. This won’t happen but it is were the propaganda machine is headed. I have seen signs of it already. Articles mooting a solution that might require drastic actions and the moving of millions of people have started to appear in mainstream media. Think on this and Be with it even if you don’t believe me. I am pointing away from a cliff edge not telling you what to think. You can jump if you want to.

At around the same time as I was told that our planet was going to be moved I was also told that the land that had sunk would rise again. That is happening too. Atlantis and Lemuria are rising and this may well be the cause of sea level changes. Two continents rising will displace a lot of water.

Atlantis and Lemuria are forbidden subjects as is most of our history older than ten thousand years. Why? This knowledge would also expose the control structure we have been living under for many thousands of years. Whenever we, the human race, have started to awaken we have been wiped out. We have the memory of this both in legends and in the strata of the Earth. That isn’t going to happen this time although that is what those in control would dearly love and had planned.

That is what most of the pollution, GMO’s, deforestation etc have been all about. Don’t worry that is not going to happen and is definitely not part of the Divine plan. Quite the reverse in fact.

Another piece of the puzzle also given to me at about the same time concerned a complete restructuring of Earth’s governments and the financial control system. At the time we confirmed it with the Ascended Master St Germaine who was the one who instigated it over two hundred years ago. An Ascended Master is another unbelievable issue. If you have never met one, believe me you can’t ignore them.

St Germaine spoke to us about his plan and told us that yes it was going to happen but no one knew exactly when. The indicators are that this could be very soon. It is partly us who decide the timing. It won’t happen until we are ready. The plan has been delayed very many times but it is another guide post that I can confirm. It will happen eventually. We are all going to be freed from financial slavery and given our freedom from imposed unjust laws.

I only have a very small part of the picture but as you may have realised it is a vast change that is coming. We are all getting an upgrade at every level of our Being.

Guide Posts

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