This moment Now is full of potential. You can go anyway that you want. Going the right way for you is only a matter of leaving the past behind. Children, especially very young children, do that quite naturally and effortlessly. Anything is quickly forgotten. We should learn from them.

We are children in comparison to what we are about to become.

Fear has ruled us for quite long enough.

Fear has a fixed structure, is heirarchical and inspires competition and nothing but negative traits. It contracts. Oppressive social structures, like the caste system in India or the class systems of the west, were rigid and inflexible. They encouraged the survival of the fittest and favoured ruthless behaviour which was unjustly rewarded. It is well worth leaving behind because it created a stagnant society that had only a few winners.

We have only really grown enough to move beyond it in relatively recent years.

The structure imposed was the negative reptilian influence on our planet (note: not all reptilians are dark). We have become so accustomed to their influence that it is ingrained into out society at a very deep level. The past is important is almost a mantra. The future had to maintain a link to the past and its rigid structure or society would fall apart.

That is precisely what happened at the end of the sixties when new thinking and ways of doing things started to be expressed. It was squashed eventually but that didn’t mean it has gone away. It was just pushed below the surface. It is resurfacing again now more powerfully than before.

Division has been the principle agenda for controlling the masses. Divide and conquer. We have been divided by ethnicity, gender, colour, intelligence and in many, many other ways.

Even our ego, our sense of self, has been undermined and we have been programmed to see it as undesirable. Ego is now considered aberrant behaviour created by deep seated insecurities. This has been reinforced even by some spiritual masters.

So many spiritual practices have been twisted in clever and often quite subtle ways. Buddhist for instance subsume their I am’ness, seeing it as not beneficial to a happy life. They look to remove desire which is the basis of all action. How clever is that? Remove desire and you remove descent. Their intentions are good but….

You may not like me pointing this out. I don’t mind if you do. I have no real strong opinion about it. I am just making an observation. I could say something about any religion or spiritual practice. If you find this gives you a pinch then best look at what you are doing. If you don’t mind what i say good for you.

Our true nature is that we are a point of consciousness in a sea of intelligence. We also have free will so how we behave is up to us. I can say anything I like. I choose by conscious intention to Be mySelf.


Leaving the past behind is how you turn away from fear. There are no longer any consequences to past action. What is past is past. Thought of karma shouldn’t engender fear. Any fear based system is of the dark.

Compassion and all positive emotions are based on love and generate more. It expands. Spontaneous right action becomes love in action but fear contracts and restricts. This feeling can guide you in how you behave.

How you feel tells you when to do. If there is any hesitation then don’t. That hesitation is a fear. Leave your fear behind by only acting spontaneously for a while. It will help to align you where you need to go.

Sit and do nothing, don’t even think. Sit as long as it takes for your thoughts to settle and you suddenly do something. That is a spontaneous action. It happens without thought or motivation. Just let it come. It is fun. You never know what you will do. Like me writing this. I just write I don’t think. I wait until I feel a need to write and just see what comes. It teaches me a lot more than if I try to write something.

This now is very special. New behaviour and new attitudes are important because as we grow in potential we effect our surroundings in a much more potent way. We are literally creating a new reality.

The way requires Love which is our essential nature so that is not very hard. But if you try to drag your fears along with you then you won’t move at all. The easiest and most rewarding way to overcome that is through creativity.

Compassion and tolerance for others requires personal understanding from a solid base. In other words You need to be You.

You are the I Am’ness that is separate from everyone else. You need to celebrate You and your own uniqueness! You don’t need to be good. You need to be YOU. If that means antisocial behaviour then allow yourself that but don’t fight any changes should they occur. Resistance is futile, acceptance of all of you will make you grow. Grow out of… whatever.

We are all One, yes and can all work together but that should be spontaneous too.

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Right Action

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