In the past few days I have begone to notice that thoughts are speeding up. Notice that I don’t say my thoughts are speeding up.

Thinking is generally considered an activity of the mind and personal but these thoughts where do these thoughts really come from?

I expect most people consider that they are the ones who are doing the thinking and superficially that is the obvious conclusion but I switched my mind off about ten years ago and function slightly differently.

I should explain that we have two brains but I will get to that in a bit. Let me first look at the more conventional perspective. I consider thinking is an overrated experience but our culture elevates it above most everything else.

The control structure that we have lived under for thousands of years prides itself on its superior intellect and this is reflected in its heirachical society. They are long range planners. The brightest fight their way to the top. A university degree or preferably a doctorate is the pinnacle of our education system. It may give status but gives very little wisdom. You can be a pathological narcissist or deranged sexual deviant but if you are bright enough and probably because of your failings, you will make it to the top.

The motivation is not about sharing and caring for everyone but is about the struggle to be the best. It is a competition. Survival of the fittest and damn the rest is the elitist point of view. We have been so heavily indoctrinated with this bizarre mind set that we don’t question it. If you do you are pilloried and excluded because the structure defends itself. That is part of the competitive attitude.

Spiritual people are not excluded from this. Reflect on any spiritual organisation. They are almost all pyramidal structures with a leader at the top. This is an observation having been at the bottom of two such organisations. Status is often given to the length of time you have been involved or how many courses you have done not who you actually are or what you have achieved in your personal growth. The leaders may be different in that that they treat every person equally and try to get their followers to do the same but people are people and the structure that forms around them invariably follow convention.

I mention this to try and equalise the playing field and point out that we have all been heavily influenced.

Now most spiritual systems tell us that we are all one.

What the hell does that mean?
I am an individual. I am me, you are you.
No we are all one.

It doesn’t really make any sense. It doesn’t make any sense because it is not understandable, you can only experience it.

Now to experience that we are all One you need to change your perceptions. You need to integrate this knowledge and understand but also experience it at a personal level. That takes time and a little wisdom too. You need to discover who you are. Once you get to this point then people start to talk about the ego. You need to overcome the ego, drop the ego bla bla bla.

The ego is that part of you which is a point of individual awareness in the sea of creation. It is the part of you that gives you your personal identity. You should celebrate it not deride it. It is what makes you, YOU.

The system we live under has cleverly given it a label that is basically derogatory and refers to it as your insecurities not your individuality. Egotist are repellant to society. I love the way they manage to twists things, it is so clever but cleverness is not wisdom and doesn’t satisfy.

Wisdom is Knowing, knowing without a shadow of doubt.

To experience your Oneness with everything is a journey. How far you have come is not important. We are all important here, a child is just as valuable as an elderly person. No One is better than anyOne else. We are are all One after all.

Now why am I babbling on about Oneness when I started writing about thoughts?

Thoughts all come from the same place. We are points of awareness in the sea of creation experiencing ourselves. The Oneness experiencing itself in a myriad different ways.

Thoughts then emanate from the source of all that is.

Thinking is slightly different, it is our individual awareness examining itself and its external stimuli. It is a sub routine functioning on a local computer – our brains.

Our brain or the head mind is not the only one we have. We also have a heart mind which is connected straight to the source of all that is. We can interact directly with the main server and that is where all creativity come from. If we don’t analyse or interfere with this connection we can become ONE with our actions. We live spontaneous right action. It is easy and effortless and infinitely satisfying. It is also much quicker.

Our journey then, moving from the head to the heart is about expansion, expansion of our awareness. The head mind is still valuable, it is a wonderful creation but it should not be overrated.

The dark is not connected to source – that is what defines it. It has no original ideas. It can only steal, manipulate or distort. It can’t think of anything new. It does not understand love and tries to destroy emotions and the emotional bodies of its followers in order to make them malleable. It always needs to control. It is contractive and takes away. It feeds on others fears because it cannot get its energy from anywhere else. Love weakens and destroys it.

We are directly connected to the source of all that is and our energy which is limitless comes from there. That is what love is. It is also our essential nature. The Oness is pure Love.

Thoughts are speeding up as I said at the beginning which means we are getting closer to the Source.


Where do thoughts come from?

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