I notice a lot of attention is on California at the moment. It is going through a huge transformation. The US is going to be the fulcrum point for the rest of the world and California is the fulcrum point for the US. It is the most maligned and heavily attacked place I have ever been. It had by far the worst chem trail activity I have ever seen but that is only the obvious sign of control. There are military bases all over both underground and above. Toxic areas that I found hard to tolerate. Fortunately most of that has been cleared.

Now I know how sensitive Californians are and I am not deriding you. I praise you to the skies. I could not live there.  I was there for over five months and found myself loosing who I am. I could not be creative at all but I had work to do and got on with it. How you manage is beyond me. I won’t dwell on the negative any more but it is the reason for this post. We can do something to help.

The main reason California is so heavily targeted is because of what it contains. The huge redwoods are an enormous resource. They are truly incredible Beings but there is more. These forests contain other powerful beings too. I met Pan there when I was up in the north. The sea also has some wonderful beings not just the whales.

California is also an energy focus and has huge assets particularly in the San Francisco Bay area. Three huge energy lines cross at the Golden Gate Bridge. These are the main arteries that feed the ley lines which are like our capillaries. The main lines are over 60 miles wide. This network of huge energy lines covers the whole of our planet and there are many lines in north America but this is the spot if you live in California. You can see from the map at the head of this post how covered the area is. These are only the main lines, there are many more smaller ones. I am publishing this at this point in time so that anyone looking at it can make it a focus. Your attention will enhance the power these lines radiate. Tuning into them will enhance your life.

If you want to see where all the main energy lines run I have published a pdf of how the maps were made which also has a complete set of maps. Get it here



California ley lines

2 thoughts on “California ley lines

  • August 23, 2017 at 2:12 am

    Hey I live in SF Bay area…just had the thought to look this up…how can I use this to help? And what about lightwork? How do the lines affect this?

    • August 24, 2017 at 6:15 am

      Just your awareness is enough. We are very powerful Beings. Knowing what is there and tuning into it will enhance it. As a Lightworker we all illuminate where we are in the way that is most natural to us. Being where you are is advantageous because you are in a high energy spot and resonating with it is easier.


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