There are so many changes happening to everything in our universe that it is very hard to keep up. If you are newly aware that life is not what you have been told that can be a little confusing. What truth you discover is your responsibility but I thought I would share a few of my influences. They are not the way I think, I don’t. I have discovered a different way to Be but I appreciate that not everyone is like me. I am sharing truths that I enjoy. You can explore these people’s archives and it will expand who you are.

This first one is a new perspective on science and the present state of scientist. Dr Rupert Sheldrake has caused a bit of a stir by questioning the health of science. I love his vital and enquiring mind as he takes his own world apart. I also notice he is barefoot and therefore very grounded when he gave his talk. He is equally uninhibited with his thought processes.


Following on with this theme here is Nassim Haramein who will change the way you view our solar system.


In a slightly different direction here is Dr Stephen Greer who communicates with extra terrestrials and he examines the role of consciousness as it effects our perceptions.


Expanding from this lets look at a different view of reality and different science with Drunvalo Melchizedek.


The last video is old but is a glimpse of where we are going seen from where we have been. Sometimes that is a useful way to understand where you are.

Expanding who you are

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