Do you know what is going on with our Earth’s climate?
It is not actually very easy to tell. There is a concerted effort by the mainstream media and even on the internet to misinform you. This has been orchestrated at a very high level. I will get to the by whom but there is certainly an agenda. Academic institutions and scientists have been paid to publish disinformation but this fact is now starting to come out. Interference at this level is not a cheap or easy thing to organise especially on a global scale. Perhaps that indicates who is responsible.

I am not trying to take apart the green activist movements. My hope is to inform and to refocus. Most of the problems of climate change have only ever been computer modelled. Put simply they have failed to be even vaguely accurate. They do not predict or coincide with actual real world measurements. There has been some interference with the ocean currents which has caused anomalies to our planets weather. They are not caused by CO2 emissions but direct interference in the oceans.

We may grasp a cause and run with it. Sometimes we run in the wrong direction because we have been cunningly misguided. We take the information we have been fed at face value. The devious like to use honest people to deliver inaccurate messages. They even instruct people how to deal with people like me who voice a different opinion. It wastes energy and takes the pressure off the real issues. In other words it’s a red herring.

Climate Gate for the first of many whistles blown on this topic. That was headed off and dismissed but information about fraud and manipulation is finally getting into the mainstream media. Here is an example that you might like to view. It is from a  British newspaper the Telegraph and another which completely blasts a counter argument put out because of the first article.

This then is a very controversial issue.

Why? It should be relatively simple science.

Honest and well qualified scientists are starting to question the data and publish the truth. Truth in amongst this mayhem is very difficult to find but what I publish here is the best I can manage. I am completely open to correction but I have explored this topic fairly extensively.

I have been looking at climate and climate change for many years and have brought together some of the evidence I have discovered. These are not my only sources of information but they are the easiest to check. My conclusion is that there is nothing to worry about other than pollution and exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources. That is a different situation.

Take California for instance, in particular southern California. Historically it has always been an arid area. The native peoples who lived there were nomadic and followed the water courses. They lived in small family groups that the land could easily sustain. In relatively recent years the land has had to support both a very large urban population and large areas of intensive industrialised agriculture. The rainfall is restricted to a few short winter months and even though that rain can be quite heavy it cannot supply the demand. The aquifers are drained and stretched to the limit. I suspect but have no proof that they are also drained intentionally. The same has happened in Australia and many other places when man exploits the land. Our responsibility is to integrate with and not exploit natural resources. There are solutions coming but we need to recognise where we are and what we have done.

We have polluted our environment with many toxic agents and materials and effected the Earth very adversely. But even that statement isn’t strictly true it would be more accurate to say our environment has been polluted, we are not actually personally responsible apart from by tacit agreement. I will get to my reasons for this statement later in this article  but let me start by talking about the Sun.


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.08.45 am

The Sun

The Sun is the principle agent for all change in our solar system. Her emissions effect everything within her local environment which includes us. Her emissions cover a very wide range of frequencies. She is not the only emitter but she is the most potent. We are within the heliosphere and her gravitational field even changes the shape of Earth as her orbit varies. That has an effect on sea temperatures which is another form of climate change. She doesn’t just dictate our climate but also our state of consciousness. That is probably a step too far for a lot of people but hopefully I will get you there. The Sun shows every sign of intelligence in that when large sun spots face the Earth nothing happens until they face away again. This happens time and time again. There is no scientific explanation.

Global Warming

Let’s first deal with the ‘Global Warming’ scare. In recent history the sun had a warming period. It effected not just the Earth but all the planets. Now the last part of that statement is the important bit. Most people don’t know that because it has never been acknowledged in the mainstream media. The effects on the other planets was more extreme than here on Earth. Our Mother Earth mitigated some of the effects and protected us.

There are many wonderful resources that you can find online. This feed is a favourite of mine and shows live coverage of surface winds. It is very visual and doesn’t require much interpretation. But live satellite streams get turned off occasionally for no apparent reason. It happens for certain specific events not randomly as you would expect if it was simply technical problems. There is so much manipulation of the data. Live video from the space station always stops when a UFO appears. I can understand that, they don’t want anyone to see that we are not alone. But what is sensitive about the weather?

The internet has been cleared of the best sources of information that showed global warming effected all the planets. A great many articles refuting my statement  have been put up instead. The articles I found originally have been taken down and I can’t find any of them to refer to but honest scientist still proclaim it and there may be some good articles out there that you can find. Let me know if you find any and I will link to them here.

One of the most articulate of the scientists who is telling the truth is a growing alternative media star Ben Davidson. He has a great website which gives daily information for climate and other things effected by the Sun. This includes earth quakes and volcanos. Ben was the one to point out that earthquakes are being downgraded by the big agencies, the data they take is usually the lowest of multiple readings taken from different stations. I wonder why? There is no obvious reason to do that.

There is a growing opinion that the Sun effects volcanic and earthquake phenomena as well as the weather.  Ben also has many interesting videos about this. He tours north america with his mobile observatory educating people about solar activity and her effects on the Earth.

Here is his Climate Change series which covers global warming. It will play right through a series of videos and is well worth watching right to the end. I have a slightly different point of view but Ben is being politically correct. He does not want to upset people but to inform, he could say much more.


Let’s look at some of the other facts of the scare mongering.

Sea level Rise

We are told sea level is rising and will soon swamp all of our cities.

In the early 1980’s I was involved with the Thames Barrier. I was working as a surveyor and surveyed quite a large portion of it. This was an endeavour to prevent flooding in London. The flooding was not because of sea level rise but because that part of Britain is sinking. The data for this is freely available. Levels measured in the past have changed relative to the datum point which in Britain is in Newlyn in Cornwall.

Lands move, they are not static. The London basin is sinking as is much of the east coast. Technically it is dropping because these sediments are being compressed by their own weight, squashed flatter in other words. There are parts of London that are now below sea level.  The old Victorian sewers that fed out into the Thames were a danger. If any of the gates got blocked on the seaward side, as happened several times, then water from the Thames rushed into the storm drains and the sewers and the streets of some very expensive part of London got rather wet and filled with raw sewage. Some heavy hitters did not like this so a plan to build defences was instigated. The walls and the Barrier itself were designed to prevent the sea from enchroaching. The barrier moved the first time it was closed because they failed to take into account heavy rains pushing it from behind and it wasn’t anchored very well for that but overall it works and was a success. It is only a short term solution and the walls will need to be raised again and again because the land there is still going down relative to sea level.

Lands dropping is one cause of sea level rise but a global sea level rise is very questionable.

“It was said that the Pacific island of Tuvalu was sinking. Around 1990 it became obvious the local tide-gauge did not agree – there was no evidence of ‘sinking.’ So scientists at Flinders University, Adelaide, set up new, modern, tide-gauges in 12 Pacific islands. Recently, the whole project was abandoned as there was no sign of a change in sea level at any of the 12 islands for the past 16 years.”

Here is a good article which is an interview with highly qualified scientist Dr Nils-Axel Morner head of Paleogeophysics at Stockhom University. He has over 35 years of practical research in his field.

The poles are melting

We are told that the ice at the poles is melting which has caused a rise in sea level of 11.1 mm since 1992. Try looking at this. It is up to date and quite a different story to the one put out by the Smithsonian which is where I got the figure from. They would have you believe that we are losing 350 billion tons of ice each year.

There is volcanic activity but the sea ice area in Antarctica is larger than at any time since satellite recording began. This may be due to wind which has changed slightly in recent times. The circumpolar westerlies are in part chilling the sea there and causing more ice to form. Perhaps the Earth herself is adjusting things. The arctic is a slightly different story but even there sea ice is now increasing from its all time low in 2011. We are not experiencing global warming at the moment. We are in a relative cooling period. Temperatures are not rising. No one tells you that. If you are living in the US you may appreciate that it has been very cold this winter with probably more snow that you have ever seen before. That is official. Not warming there then?

CO2 carbon dioxide the greenhouse gas

Up until the industrial revolution CO2 was linked or preemted temperature values. CO2 emissions are still increasing but temperatures are no longer rising they are falling. Global warming is obviously not happening as forecast in any of the computer models and the global warming label has been switched to climate change.

But what does that actually mean? Most people when you ask them still think it means global warming or frown as they realise they don’t know what it means. We have been so programmed we know it’s an issue and it’s wrong, but we don’t know what it is. People site CO2 emissions but there is no studies that show that it has any effect. It is charged with emotion but that is only because of the media hype.

If you look it up the definition is very vague too.

“A change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.”

It does not really tell you anything and is not backed up by any statistical evidence at least none that I can find. What it does say is that humans are responsible. That is the relevant part. It provides us with a guilt trip. One that would enables us to accept legislation which will reduce our lives even more. That is not going to happen but it is the reason behind all the climate change nonsense. It has been designed to divert attention for the real issues and trap us in a downgrade of our circumstances.

This is conspiracy theory territory. No. It is no longer theory. It is happening. If you haven’t noticed you must be one of very few.

It is painfully obvious to every alert human being that something is wrong with just about everything. This includes finance which creates our chains, food which damages our health and war which drives us apart from each other. Fortunately as I have just said most people are alert to the situation which is the first step to doing something about it. But I digress. That is easy to do because everything is very inter related.

Our atmosphere is mainly nitrogen 78% and oxygen 21% . There is also argon but that is only 0.9%.

CO2 is one of the trace gases and is listed as having the value .04%, which is only a tiny amount.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.28.47 pm

Measurements of CO2 are given in parts per million. At the moment, well in January, which is the latest averaged figure it is 399.85 ppm and rising. But converted to a percentage of the atmosphere the figure is 0.039985%. No real change there then. At the bottom it says it reached 400 ppm in May temporarily. Which is 0.04% in other words normal.
Do you feel better now?

The goal apparently is to reduce it to 350 ppm. Easy but we will get to that. Lets deal with the rest of the CO2 issue first.

CO2 is called a greenhouse gas quite accurately. When you heat up the atmosphere in a greenhouse that is only part of the function of the heater. Yes I know this is not what they mean but what they say is unproven. The by product of burning fossil fuels is CO2. It is used in greenhouses to help make things grow. Plants use CO2 in light independent photosynthesis. During this photosynthesis the exchange of gases are that CO2 goes into a leaf which absorbs the carbon and the oxygen is released into the atmosphere. A higher percentage of CO2 increases the rate of photosynthesis and the plant grows bigger faster and produces more oxygen. Large amounts of CO2  should then stimulate plant growth and the release more oxygen. This is simplistic and basic information but it has proven to be the case. Here is an article from NASA. The Earth can absorb large amounts of CO2 before becoming distressed.

The effect of CO2 on the climate is a theory that is unproven. I have not seen any reliable data which shows that CO2 is responsible for local or global temperature changes. It is always included in a any modelling but fails to manifest in the real world.

It is said that it traps heat but it is a very minuscule part of our atmosphere and its effects are therefore minimal. If global warming was true we would have overheated long ago. As I said before we are in a cooling period.

Local contamination is not desirable. Most burning creates not just CO2 but also other more toxic gases and contaminants. CO which is what your car chucks out is particularly nasty but none of these discharges are desirable. Burning fossil fuels is a criminal waste especially considering that there are plenty of alternatives. Not the green alternatives which are usually expensive and not very efficient. We can do better than that.

Even the electricity we use is not the best form. Tesla who invented AC or alternating current did not consider it particularly useful. There are other forms of electricity which do not contaminate the environment. I have always wondered why part of our world uses 50 Hz as the AC cycle while other uses 60 Hz. The harmonic to all of creation is somewhere in the middle at 54.7 something if I recall correctly. It this purposeful dissonance but I am off topic again….


So called free energy has been available for at least fifty years.

Why don’t we have them?

Because the oligarchy don’t want us to have free anything and fossil fuels are one of their main sources of income. Free power will free us from the financial chains that control us at the moment. Vested interest have kept lots of technology hidden from us. As soon as we have free energy CO2 emissions and all other fossil fuel based contaminations stop.

There are quite a few groups working on making over unity devices but there are also a huge number of them sitting on a shelf waiting for it to be safe to release them. That is going to happen soon. We are very nearly ready.


When I say we are nearly ready that is because our collective group consciousness has elevated to the point where we can accept the changes this new technology will bring. It will free us from where we have been.

From a consciousness perspective I see the global warming period which started in the sixties and peaked in 2005 as heralding the dawn of the massive change to our collective awareness. The sixties saw a renaissance when young people, myself included, no longer accepted how things were and looked to live in a different way. A whole generation of people wanted dramatic change. Lifestyle and sharing resources was a new direction and focus for us all. Certain vested interests didn’t want us to focus in that way. They wanted to keep us tied with money, to stay on the treadmill they had created. Hippy talk perhaps but still relevant perhaps more so than ever before. We are entering a new stage in our development we are going up in frequency.

To give you an idea of how consciousness is effected by frequency let me share something I recently unearthed. If you read my last post this may sound familiar.

The speed of light which is said to be 299,792,458 metres per second is not a constant. This is controversial to most scientists but the group who are responsible for fundamental constants have adjusted how they measure the speed of light so we don’t know. The distance of a one meter is now linked to the speed of light and thus changes with it which means the speed of light is always the same. That may not be what is actually happening.

How stupid can you get! It is like measuring something with a rubber ruler and stretching it so that it always fits the distance.

However before they did this in the period between 1928 to 1945 the speed  of light was recorded as slowing down by about 20,000 metres per second. This was recorded all around the world and scientist’s measurements only varied very minutely. That change is considerable. Considerable in that we should consider it.

Now I looked it up and that period covers the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Hitler was released from prison in 1924 after a thwarted attempt to take over the Bavarian city of Munich Putsch. That is when he wrote Mein Kampf. When he was released he started his campaign and eventually came to power in January 1933. The nazi party was disbanded in May 1945.

History has been distorted which makes it a little hard to look at in great detail but I don’t think that it was a coincidence. The few years it took to initiate makes sense it was a slow reduction in consciousness and there was probably an equally slow increase at the end of the war. The figures are available in the London patent office if you want to check. (I thank Dr Rupert Sheldrake for that information). Looking at it from a consciousness perspective slower speed either created a reduction in awareness or was caused by it. You need a reduced level of consciousness in order to start a world war. That is why it is impossible to start one now.

We talk in terms of going up in consciousness, up in frequency. Does it effect the speed of light or perhaps the speed of light effects us. Certainly the Sun has started emitting powerful new frequencies in recent years. These are even changing our physiology. Science has noticed that. Our genetic makeup has changed. The so called junk or unrecorded DNA, which accounts for more than 98% of it, has been activated, actually reactivated. It is the difference between us and a chimpanzee who otherwise shared 98% of the less than 2% that was all we had turned on.

To get esoteric the Sun who is a conscious Being has been receiving new energy from the galactic central Sun and has been emitting them to cause changes throughout her solar system. These changes do effect our climate and will continue to do so which is why I consider this a very good thing.

Additional reading.

Here is a great article about CO2 it gives a detailed analysis of this gas and how it effects and participates in our atmosphere.

CO2 occupies 0.0385% of the atmosphere by volume – ie. when measured as a solid. At 20 °C and 1ATM dry air has a density of 1.14549 kg/m3. However as a solid its density is 2353.23 / 1.14549 -> 2054.344 times as large. ie. for a given volume of air at 20’C CO2 occupies 0.0385% / 2054.344 -> 0.000018741% of the space. IE. for every 1m3 of space CO2 occupies just 187.41 mm3 – 187 cubic millimeters – a box 5.7mm x 5.7mm x 5.7mm. ie. a box of air the size of a 1L carton of milk would have a box the size of 0.57mm x 0.57mm x 0.57mm of CO2 – less than the size of a sewing pin head.

This amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is the net amount – ie. the result of the production of CO2 (animals expiring CO2, volcanoes, motor vehicle exhausts, power generation etc.) minus the take up of CO2 (plants). Both these figures being much larger than the amount that remains in the atmosphere.

Now the atmosphere varies in density the further away from the Earth’s surface. However if we assume that the density is constant and then calculate the height required for a full planar coverage of CO2 that would correspond to the CO2 occupying 1m3 in a vertical column with a 1m2 base. CO2 occupies 0.00000018741 of 1m3 therefore 1m3 of CO2 occupies 1/0.00000018741 -> 5335894.563 m3 of atmosphere. In other words for a 100% area coverage a column at 1ATM that is 5335Km high is required. This is far higher than the atmosphere which extends to a height of just 1% of that. ie. the radiation incident on the atmosphere from the sun will only strike a CO2 molecule 1% of the time. This assumes that it is going straight past the N2 and O2 molecules.

CO2 is not some magic molecule. It is just like other atoms and molecules. Each has its own effects. Just because CO2 is present it doesn’t mean that nitrogen and oxygen don’t have any effect – they do and they have to be put into the equation along with the other trace gasses and along with water moisture. Water moisture occupies typically 0 to 4% of the atmosphere and is primarily an insulator.

The greenhouse principle works on the following bases :-
1) refraction of waves (infra red radiation from the sun) thus bending them to trap them below a surface. This is how the glass in a greenhouse works.
2) absorption and re-radiation (eg. at different wavelengths and in different directions). This is how primarily the atmosphere works.

Bearing in mind that less than 1% of the plane of the atmosphere presented to the sun is going to have CO2 that is a very small effect produced by the CO2. It’s like having a stone that is composed of 1% diamond and 99% glass – the diamond isn’t going to have any noticeable effect.

Element : Symbol : % by volume
Nitrogen : N2 : 78.084
Oxygen : O2 : 20.946
Argon : Ar : 0.9340
Carbon dioxide : CO2 : 0.0397
Neon : Ne : 0.001818
Helium : He : 0.000524
Methane : CH4 : 0.000179

CO2 Water Solubility

CO2 is soluble in water inversely proportional to temperature. This means that the lower the temperature the more CO2 can be stored. The lower from the surface the position in the water the lower its temperature – ie. more CO2 is stored at greater the depth.

The Earth goes through periods of cold and warm temperatures. We have had ages where the Earth has been a lush warm tropical paradise. And we have had ice ages. During the warm periods the plants produced take up masses of CO2 and use the carbon and give off the oxygen which the animals breathe. During the ice ages the plants die off and drop to the depths of the oceans. They rot and expell their carbon CO2 into the water where it remains at depth. When the Earth enters another warm period (as we are currently in) the rising temperature of the atmosphere heats up the water. However it takes a long period of time for the lower depths to warm up (800 to 2000 years typically). When these lower thermoclines heat up they release their CO2 and this rises to the surface and increases the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Much of this is taken up by land based vegetation and by upper level ocean plants – sea weeds, plankton etc. .

Measurement Accuracy

When measuring the temperature the equipment undertaking the measurement must be calibrated, the error margin must be determined and it must be used in the calculations. If the equipment is measuring to a resolution of 0.01’C but only has a accuracy of 0.1’C then the resolution is wiped out by the error margin and working at that level becomes unreliable and meaningless. A simple example of accuracy are mercury based thermometers. These are based on a column of mercury expanding with increasing temperature thus rising in height within the glass tube. However it assumes that the diameter of the internal portion of the tube is accurately known and is constant all the way up – this is where the inaccuracy is introduced and it has to be determined and included in any calculations using the resulting temperature data.

A thermocouple might provide a high degree of resolution and stability but the readings have to be converted to usable signals. This is done via Analogue to Digital converters which can introduce inaccuracies via a number of sources – such as the electronics used for the conversion and for the determination of the reference voltage and the resolution used. As such the accuracy of the whole system has to be determined. When a temperature measuring station is calibrated its accuracy is also determined by the accuracy of the calibration source – ie. further inaccuracy can be introduced.

An easy way to illustrate inaccuracy is to place 4 identical temperature measuring stations in close proximity in an open field and to monitor their outputs automatically on a regular basis (eg. every 10 minutes) and then to compare them. Placing additional identical temperature measuring stations in other parts of the field and placing other different temperature measuring stations in the field will augment the results.


Models are not reality. They are a perceived understanding of reality. They can be used as tools to understand and predict reality. However they have to be tested and proven. Models have an inherent accuracy and associated reliability and this has to be determined. Just because a model says something doesn’t mean that it is necessarily true. Models can only be used in an indicative manner – they cannot be used as proof (after all they were constructed by us fallible humans – not by nature).

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is basically a chain of evidence from the initial proposing of the fundamental hypotheses, through the design of laboratory experiments to directly test these, through to the analysis and publication of the results. This has to be a step by step process – everything directly connected – ie. not making jumps – otherwise the great danger is making connections that are not there and jumping to wrong conclusions.

Peer review is fundamental to the Scientific Method as it allows mistakes to be spotted and corrected. Reducing the locus might produce a desired result but it reduces the validity. The only proof ultimately is in what happens physically – this is why reproducibility is so important.

The most vital element is honesty and integrity. Unless the science is pursued in a rugged and honest manner it can’t be relied on.


Carbon is a fundamental part of life. It is fundamental to plant and animal life. It is a fundamental atom in organic molecules. The more CO2 there is the more plants that can grow and the more food that can be produced to feed our increasing world population.

The amount of carbon going into the atmosphere and coming out of it is far larger than the net amount in the atmosphere. Small variations of this net amount will not have any significant effect on the Earth. The Earth has a number of equilibrium maintaining mechanisms for regulating temperature and carbon concentrations. We can easily survive with higher CO2 concentrations and higher temperatures – Earth has done this in the past.

The level of CO2 in the atmosphere is a result of the temperature, not a cause of it.

The climate changes naturally – there are short term and long term cycles. We have ice ages, interglacial warm ages, warm periods (eg. Medieval Warm Period) and cold periods (eg. Little Ice Age). We have El Nino & La Nina. These are all caused naturally. The major source of energy that we have is the sun – it’s the elephant in the room – almost all energy comes from it. Solar activity determines our temperatures, our weather and our climate. The tilt and rotation of the Earth and its distance from the sun certainly effect the weather and climate but these are largely constant. Our position in the galaxy also has an effect but this is much more minor.

During the Medieval Warm Period temperatures were much warmer and all due to natural variation. Grape vines were grown in northern lattitudes (where they won’t grow in current conditions). And we produced a lot of wealth as a result of the climate conditions.

We warmed out of the Little Ice Age up to the turn of the last century. The temperature has remained roughly stable since then. However indications in low population areas indicate a small amount of cooling. These have been offset by large amounts of urban heat islands in the Northern Hemisphere thus producing flat temperatures.

Is the climate changing? – yes, of course it is. But it is changing naturally – as it always has and as it always will do. Does human kind have a significant effect on the climate? – no – the effect is minimal and certainly not causing any catastropic situation to occur. Nature has a far far greater effect.

The Present and The Future

Prior to the Enlightenment we had the domination of feudalism. The Enlightenment produced our modern miracle world. It did this through various means including :-
* the Scientific Method.
* freedom of speech.
* freedom of enquiry.
* civil society – rule of law.
* democratic capitalism.

However there has been a constant battle between feudal elements and engligtened elements in our society. Feudalism constantly re-invents iteself and constantly tries to impose the old (and disastrous) ways onto the world – top down command and control, high debt, restriction of freedoms, lack of morality and moral integrity, high levels of dishonesty, high levels of corruption jobs for the boys and girls – creaming off money.

There is no scientific basis in warmism. It uses pseudo science. Its proponents are happy to make huge amounts of money off their useful fools whilst at the same time living completely contradicting lives. It is purely about money, power and control, nothing more. And all to the detriment of all of us and of our future. It’s not real.

To trump even this have a look at this article written by the former president of Greenpeace. He is very clear that an increase in CO2 is a good thing,



Climate change is a good thing

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