If you think you are a man or woman you are deluded.

You are neither.

You are a light being having a human body experience.

Identifying who you are with your body is like saying that you are the car that you drive. The physiological differences require specific attention and different types of maintenance that is all.

How you attend to your body is up to you but it is your responsibility. You have five nested bodies not just one. They each require different types of attention. The physical body can be quite demanding and should not be ignored but is only part of who you are.

Gender is a very specific but it may not necessarily be how you feel. Your sexual orientation is not defined by it because it is only part of who you are. We have all had many lives. Who we were can leak through or we may have chosen a new experience. Orientation is therefore not very important.

Love is and is who we are. How we express it is our own unique journey.

We are both male and female in our many bodies. When this is integrated then we are complete, we become One. We no longer feel threatened, isolated or repressed. We no longer need to be specific but become inclusive. We share.

As we grow we change and integrate new knowing that gradually becomes wisdom. Which car we drive becomes rather immaterial. We don’t look to divide but naturally link up and become closer to the oneness that we all are.

Gender specific thinking becomes less relevant. Feminism for instance was of its time and it instigated a social change but it celebrates a difference. I am not saying that women haven’t been down trodden or that men should be chauvinists. We just don’t need that kind of thinking any more. We need to look much higher than that.

We only become One when we join together. It is no longer necessary to fight with one another in any way at all. Acceptance of everyone means that nobody should ever feel left out for any reason. You are included whoever you are.


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