Where is your focus at the moment.

It indicates many things.

When is your focus? That is also relevant.

If you find that you are looking at the past then you are still processing past actions, letting go of who you think you are. This is not a bad thing. It is where a lot of people are but you can speed it up. Like anything awareness of what you are doing enables you to proceed more quickly.

Why should you let go of the past?

Because that is not who you are. We are not limited by past actions, our present body or anything.

When we let go of this way of defining ourselves then our unlimited Self becomes more active. You will become more conscious of who you really are.

Even if you feel Love for your Self in every aspect of the past, present, future; you can still go that bit further. In doing so you release your self from all constraints. You should not be tied in any way to limited conscious behavior.

You decide how you want to let go. One good way is to consciously make that decision. Say it in your head or out loud which ever feels comfortable.

My last post talked about forgiveness, forgiving your self everything. Doing that frees you from culpability but not responsibility, that is another layer of your onion which you can let go of too.

A child is not held responsible for bad behaviour and very child like we have been. We have not been aware. Our actions have been distorted by the limits of our awareness. This has been imposed on us and was not our doing. In order to take on our full awareness we need to pick up responsibility for even that. Accept all and let that it go. This is a maturation process that will expand your whole Being.

If you find that your focus is on the problems of the world, the deceits and the deceptions, then that is what you will find. Be aware of it yes but don’t get caught in this web of intrigue. You can change it but not from the inside. You become trapped and engaged at the level of the problem. We are powerful and the more detailed our focus there the more we make it real. We create it.

Know that the problems are there but the solutions are always outside of them.

If you see someone stuck in the mud you don’t jump in with them to help them. You find a way to help them without getting stuck yourself.

Our focus is so very powerful. Just a small number of us focused on lighting up the mess removes the darkness of it without any real effort. We do that with Love.

Love of self is the first step.

To love your self you have to accept exactly who you are; every facet, good, bad, indifferent. Once you have acceptance then you quickly discover how to give your self what you need at every level. Physical, mental, emotional, all parts of your Being need nurturing. Expanding that to those around you is a natural progression. Love needs an outlet, it spreads and will do so to all those who come in contact with you. Accepting yourself enables you to accept others for who they are. It is easy and natural.

Your sphere of influences expands as you do. It expands to your whole environment. To light up the world you only have to desire it. Your influence in doing that is dependent on how much love you have to spare. Caring for your self and then others is a route to Self less love.

Love is the consequence of right action not a goal.

Focus on the future is a way of creating it.

If it is subject to your limited awareness it can cause anxiety. Fear projected, which is not useful. Unfortunately that is how we have all been programmed for all our lives.

If you have taken all the steps to unlimit your Self then you can co create where we are going without fear. You do this by being in tune with all of who you are. Your every desire becomes manifest because your desires are in tune with who you are in all of creation.

Being in the moment is where we all should Be.

But what does that mean. This moment is no more real than the last. Our projection of who we are can go anywhere, anywhen that we can imagine. We move beyond the moment when we embrace it all.

There is no time or space there is only ONE reality.


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