It’s a complicated world out there. It can be chaotic. The dark is dissolving fast but hasn’t gone yet. We are all changing very fast at the moment. Some of us are still caught up in letting go of the past, some with physical changes and some of us are experiencing and living the future.

Our last few years missions have been spreading the word and advising, all the while going through huge personal changes ourselves. Who we were is no longer as important but the story is getting to be more personal and relevant. It’s a ….

How are you coping?

Personally something I put out there a year or so ago just manifested really suddenly. It is a huge change for me. It’s a very complicated world in here too.

Life is fun isn’t it. We go along in our every day and suddenly everything is different. Change is inevitable but we still resist it and try to hold on to the familiar. We want to be comfortable and like children the familiar is our comfort zone.

Embracing it all no matter what teaches you more and even being uncomfortable can be useful.

I had my bank account emptied ‘by mistake’ at the beginning of the week. It didn’t even register on my emotional body not a whisker. I dealt with it and the money is back again this weekend. I am actually better off because I have been compensated for the ‘error’. I could have become very disturbed by it but that is not who I am.

I notice that most people I meet can’t really see me at all. Perhaps I can’t see them. We are all still a little asleep.

I first noticed it when I was talking to someone about my writing. He had been a ‘new age’ distributor and knows that world. He wanted to know what I write about and I told him. “I write about the things that have happened to me. I write it as fiction because otherwise no one would believe me.”

He immediately tried to find a box to put me in.

“Like the Celestine Prophesy” he said.

“No that is a fear based book,” I replied. ‘I don’t write about fear.’

That is a fairly controversial statement to most people but I could have explained. He wasn’t listening and he thought he knew who I was now. What he considered useful information poured out of him. I tried again to explain where I come from.

Another book jumped into his mind he was still trying to peg me. We talked about the Knight Templars. He explained that this author had looked into all the stories and legends and done it really well. His book was fiction but it used all the facts.

“I have lived it,’ I replied. “I worked with Knight Templars, some of the Knights from the Round Table, Merlin…”

“No, no this guy was really good and had done some very interesting research going way back.”

He wasn’t able to hear me. It was too out of his belief system to go there. I understand. The unfamiliar is insanity and we don’t dare be insane. Our fear of change prevents us from experiencing. It has been a week of that kind of thing. I don’t hold back if people ask….

I mentioned to someone that when we lived in a portal that Anastasia from Russia visited us and danced all around the room. I told him I could sense her listening as we were talking about her. His astonished exclamation labelled me deluded, mad, a liar, a fool.

I smile at myself. Do I really expect anything else. Well yes actually I do. I expect that people listen to me as I listen to them. But what we can handle is very much dependent on who we are at any one moment. Our experiences dictate how open we are.

Now if we are “out of it” then anything is acceptable, people will listen to anything and often find the most outrageous things funny. You are no longer taking responsibility and therefore anything goes.

I left the world of being “out of it” over forty years ago, it is not relevant to me. I want to be “in it” 100% of the time. The things that I find acceptable don’t really have any limits now because my limits get destroyed on a daily basis. I have become used to it. My comfort zone gets regularly blown away. I have learned to find comfort in who I am.

One thing I am very aware of is my own built in radar for fear based awareness. Even ‘positive’ people still have it. It is so easy to get sucked into the drama because it is where we have been for most of our lives. I read long diatribes explaining what is going on and how to deal with it but it is only relevant to some, perhaps just a few. Usually just the writer – um yes that’s me.

The solution I have discovered to all this stuff is to find the humor in it. The love that shines through. Sometimes it requires we make a conscious effort to remove the darkness that has crept in. If our intention is in the right place it all comes together – eventually.

Let the Sun shine in

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