To move beyond the mundane world and discover the vastness of what is really around you is not hard or difficult. You only need to be open and ready and it is easier now than ever.

When I talk about my experiences a lot of people say to me that they would love to interact with the world I live in. ‘Nothing ever happens for me I never see anything’ being their most common lament. I used to have to bite my tongue to not say what I wanted to which was ‘thank your lucky stars’. That has changed in the last few years and it is no longer as precarious or dangerous. You need to keep your wits about you and be alert but you don’t attract the malicious attacks that you used to. Life is getting much easier. We are over the worst.

I don’t consider myself special or particularly clever but I am open and have earned it. It is a bit like looking at a successful musician, you don’t see the years of practice and drudgery they have had to go through to make it to where they are now. Sometimes that means previous lifetimes. It also requires talent. Anyone can learn to play eventually but not everyone has something original or worthwhile to say.

That depends on many things, on who they are, on experience, insight on what you had for breakfast and that is definitely not magic mushrooms.

Reality  gets very complicated. What we perceive is dominated by our senses. What they interpret is dependent on our state of evolution. Your senses are not the only way that you can interact with your environment. There are very many ways to perceive and to interpret reality.

Our mind analysis and interprets our sensory input often dismissing things it doesn’t understand. It is a powerful and useful tool but is only a local interpreter and heavily biased. That is due to our programming. We have been led to expect life to fit into nice neat pockets and if doesn’t we reject it.

I don’t. I accept everything no matter how odd or strange. I don’t have any belief systems or expectations. They have all been purged out of me. That was not done gently.

I have an advantage in that I have what is called dyslexia, a learning disability. In reality, well mine anyway, it prevents the programming from working. I simply can’t absorb it. I disobey. I don’t follow the norm. I do the unexpected. Very many of us have this advantage. Most creative people do to some extent. It is why we are labeled odd, strange or peculiar. We are. We are the loose cannons of humanity. We are unreasonable. It is our role. It is also what makes life worth living.

We can all tap into the infinite resource of creative intelligence and link to the source of all that is. We connect in a small way to who we really are. Some do this more easily than others. The conventional are heavily programmed and label us mad or genius. That depends on what we are doing; if it is recognizable or understood by them or not.

We all have access to a vast wealth of knowledge that is hidden deep within us. All we have to do is to find it. Meditation, well any system that allows you to become settled is a big help. You need to learn to sit and Be.

When the minds chatter no longer interferes we can pick up subtle nuances that otherwise get missed. I found a way to turn my mind off and seldom use it. It works but somewhat haphazardly anyway. I can’t always access the words I want to use. I know what they mean but can lose all recall. It can be most frustrating but there are advantages.

It is a bit like listening for a whisper when there is loud music playing. A silent room makes doing that much easier. Creating a silent mind requires application and discipline, discipline not in the conventional sense but in order to have heightened awareness you need to let go of quite a few things.

Hedonistic and self indulgent behavior won’t help you. Drinking and drugs don’t leave you clear headed and refined. They may be fun but they don’t help raise your awareness. Some give you glimpses of altered states of consciousness but you pay a harsh price usually with your body. To permanently live those states requires application.

Even listening to music and watching movies can befuddle you. Most of them have some form of subliminal programming now and reduce you even if you don’t feel it. Silence is a key. You need too fine tune your mind body relationship. It needs to be functioning well. It also has to be appropriate. It may be not the right moment for you. I often go for long periods when nothing much happens then go through short periods of very intense activity. We all go up and down as we experience life in this moment.

It is dependent on the state of our Being and what is happening around us. It may also depends on what needs doing. It may be that all is progressing as it should and doesn’t need the kick up the arse that we are built for. It may only require a gentle nudge that someone more subtle can give it. We each have our own gifts.

We also all have free will and need to use it. Stating it in a personal way that you want it may open the doors of your perception. Just remember that once open you can’t always shut them again.

Seeing Faery and other dimensions

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