This may be shocking to some but it needs to be said. I have never understood why people commemorate wars. To commemorate means to recall and show respect. I may be very politically incorrect but I have no respect for violence of any sort or for those who participate and I don’t see any reason to recall wholesale slaughter.

That they died so stupidly is tragic but they were subject to external pressure and blatant propaganda. They had very little choice. A lot of them would have been sent to prison if they had not participated. I do not respect that. I empathize with anyone who has lost a loved one but until we question the need for violence it won’t stop.

We are still exposed to these untruths today. I will not participate. I am a man of peace but that does not mean that I am fearful. I am not afraid to stand up and question those who act in their own interests. All violence violates free will and is not the means to stop it.

I don’t know of anyone who is celebrated and remembered for peace. I have the greatest respect for him but even Gandhi was a fairly violent man. He used different forms of violence and he tried to remove it from himself for all of his life but he lived in a violent era. He exemplifies the struggle and did his best but I am not sure that he really achieved it.

Most of the people who come to mind when we speak of peace are people that have opposed some form of oppression. They may have tried to do this in a peaceful manner but that is not the example I am looking for.

It is time to find the people who live peace, those who exude it from every pore. To be at peace requires a different mindset a different way of life. We each need to find the peace that is inside us.

My musings may have upset you but when you seek the truth you have to examine everything. Even or rather especially those things that make us uncomfortable. We may take them as given and are part of life but that doesn’t mean that they are justified or real. Question what is happening around you. You don’t have to participate.

We are entering a new era and it is time to drop those things that are not life supporting. To be the first to do that requires courage. It is not enough to lead a peace filled life you have to spread it. That is something that happens naturally when all violence has gone from inside you and that is the place to start.

Be at Peace

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