I was thinking about this moment. Yes I know ‘thinking’ but it happens sometimes.
I don’t resist it.

Anyway I was looking at an old friends Facebook post. He often puts up old photos of himself. He had just put up a very old one and was saying that he didn’t do this very often when it occurred to me that all photographs are of the past. No matter that you only took it a few seconds ago it is still of that moment not this one. It was interesting enough for me to pursue it for a while.

When we look at old photos we are making a journey, we are traveling back in time. We are all time travelers. What fun.

In my ceaseless endeavor to discover what makes things tick I have discovered several fundamentals. One of them is that We Are Our Awareness which is not the physical. That is just a place we have chosen to inhabit for this moment. Our physical bodies have limits that we set. That doesn’t mean the body has them. We can learn to overcome this inhibition but that requires increasing our awareness. Our awareness has free will and can go anywhere, anywhen it likes. It has no restrictions. Well there are some but that gets rather complicated and for all intensive purposes can be discounted at this level of our awareness.

We can move around outside our bodies. We all do that at night when sleeping or dreaming. We leave the physical body. Some of us even remember. We all do it, no big deal. So we are time and dimensional travellers.

My awareness can travel uninhibited to anywhere, anywhen I can think of but I constantly endeavor to align mySelf to Divine purpose. Living like that causes fewer accidents and is more comfortable. Traveling into the future right now feels undesirable for this moment.

I used to look ahead quite often. I didn’t find it very enjoyable to know what was coming. It is more fun when things are a surprise. That doesn’t mean I can’t look but it only happens occasionally. It happens usually without warning, is completely spontaneous and not for long. I get the odd glimpse which usually changes how I behave, where I put my commitment.

The most important thing that everybody who has woken up and is expecting to happen hasn’t happened yet. It will but nobody knows when including me. I can’t go there. If I try I get into a place that is so complex and wonderful I get easily spun out. I can go way ahead but not high enough. I have to get higher in order to see. That requires me to change who I Am at the moment. I am happy being this me and going through this experience of awakening. It is why I came here, why spoil it?

If you follow the media and that includes the alternative media, especially your best sources then you are participating in the mud of the moment. The self proclaimed, in most cases, who are in the know are no more aware of what is actually happening than you are. Sometimes they are being lead down the garden path, round the corner, out into the woods and …. some.

The cleansing process that brings clarity is working its way from the inside out not from the outside in. We are all going up. We will get there – eventually.

But especially now the mud at the bottom of our pond has been stirred up and it is impossible to see. Confusion appears to be essential. It is part of the house cleaning. The dirt needs to be removed. That is happening all around us.

Don’t even try to grasp what is going on at the level of 3D. It is all mayhem and rightly so it is the last and final gasps of a dying imposition. It needs this carnage to shake out the dirt. Once the dust has settled a bit then clarity will have reached the external world too. That is the moment when things will happen.

For this moment the best place to get information and understanding is to close down your senses and have a look inside. In that vast stillness of Love all is well and very awake. Tuning in there is always worthwhile. Even the most simple things have answers if you are willing to listen. The needle in the haystack will find you. You can also use your intention, your free will to set a new course for your Self. Do that on a daily basis.

The Mud of the moment

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