I don’t get too many comments on what I write about here but one of the most common ones is that people are surprised that I share what I do so openly. That always surprises me. Why not? We have nothing to hide from each other. That is a fear based mentality.

I am not concerned about what other people think of me and never have been really. That is who I am – completely uncontrollable. I am not polite or politically correct, I am the awkward questions, the difficult subject, the things people don’t like to acknowledge. You can probably see why I had problems in North America. I don’t see any reason for scurrying around unsavoury subjects or hiding the way that I feel. Let it all out. It is the same for the weird and wonderful things that happen to me. Writing about them and sharing them often helps me to understand them.

But that is Me, always full on and in your face. What you see is what you get. My whole life is integrated and not segmented in any way. I don’t hide anything. I am certainly not fearful of any retribution caused by what I say. I have been down that road and been attacked by all sorts and was even killed for a short while. That is not a fear for me any more. Talk to anyone who has had a near death experience and they will tell you there is nothing to be frightened of but being dead it is not as fun or as exciting as what is happening right here at the moment. It’s a blast.

I have moved way beyond being frightened. That is where we’re all going. Let’s get on with it. We each one of us have his story. We all have the choice to drag it along with us or dump it. It’s  simple enough. You can go much quicker when not carrying a load.

If we have huge successes or failures, so what! They are all gone now. We are all on a level playing field every time we wake up. We can start fresh every second. Nothing is insurmountable I don’t care what it is. We each have the ability to do anything no matter how impossible.

By sharing all and not holding anything back I leave my past behind me. It is my way of being honest with myself. It leaves plenty of room for new things to happen. Which is probably why they do. This is a bit of rant in case you haven’t noticed. My tolerance level for slow has turned off probably because I have stopped. Stopped running for no reason. We have had years and years of that. We are all sheeple. We all go where the others are going. Having some sheep to look after as part of my rent has been a great way to understand that it only takes one to change direction and the others will follow. You can’t stop them. Be that leader.

Now is time to put your foot down and go like greased lightning towards your goal what ever that is. Be yourself fully without reservation.

IMG_0231Where I am living has given me a great opportunity for silence. I seldom speak or even see anyone. It is a salutary experiment. One thing that I become aware of is that I have very little tolerance for mental stimulation. It pulls me away from my silence and makes me uncomfortable. I enjoy the deep level to which I have gone and the surface noise of the intellect is no longer necessary. If I want to know something I only need think about it and the knowledge I need just comes. It feels like I am open to a vast internet resource without all the bother of using a computer to look anything up.

It is there because I am open. Open to anything. I don’t get in the way. By flowing with whatever – I know. It is very educational but without the strain. It is effortless. But the things i want to know have changed. I don’t have interest in much that isn’t taking us forwards. The dark stuff doesn’t need my energy any more. I won’t give it my attention. I am not ignoring it i am removing mySelf from it.

I know how to fix the world. It will be easy. We can do it whenever we’re ready. I’m impatiently waiting for you to join me, hurry up everyone and stop.

Being Open

One thought on “Being Open

  • May 18, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    You speak my mind Ray and personally, I highy appreciate you showing all of you and sharing your view of the world… especially the akward question LOL! Although I have not completely let go of fear I feel what you mean. Life is showing me very strongly at the moment that by listening and letting go, my life flows effortlessly. The more gentle and loving I become, the easier it gets.
    Looking forward to your next writing.
    With love, Delphia


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