In my last post I gave a vision of some of the practical changes we can expect to happen in our reality. It will make a big difference to the way that we live.

Our houses won’t be the same and will not need to be connected to anything. 100% off the grid. No need for a kitchen, toilet or bathroom or even washing machines. No more cooking or laundry unless that is what you want. Fresh clothes that fit exactly every day. No need to wear the same thing twice but without waste. No garage, no car, very little is actually necessary. I didn’t mention the body cleaning system but no water required, vibrational technology that cleans from the inside out. No need to brush your teeth because they get cleaned along with the rest of you. All of your insides get cleaned too.

Most of what we have now will be obsolete. No need for storage space or transportation. No roads.  You only use what you need at this moment and change anything in your house easily at your whim. No waste. Everything is recycled 100%. It takes a while to get your head around the idea. Nothing in your living space needs to be permanent.

What then is of value?

The Earth herself is our most sacred place. We owe it to her to clean everything up. We will all be participating in a huge clean up operation but when that is done what to do?

Asking this of yourself now is a useful place to be. With all the practical things taken care of what happens next? What do you want to do?

That is something well worth considering.

My question is why aren’t you doing it now?

Is it because you have to make a living?

Actually you don’t. That is something I have explored. I am going to talk about me. I like to share.

It has been quite interesting to go from lack; living in a squat with no money to being worth multi millions. The difference was not that great, just a thought that I had one day. But neither of these places is optimum living. Being rich is living in a very nasty gilded cage. Your freedom is restricted in all sorts of ways and the worst thing I found was that your friends disappear. They really can’t handle it when you are no longer like them and quickly drop away. You gravitate towards other rich people because they are like you and understand but they are not necessarily happy, usually not happy at all and you put up walls. It’s very hard not to because you attract people who want you to make them a living. No matter how well intentioned it is uncomfortable. It was definitely not for me and I let it all go but it was a very useful experience.

What you do with your life is up to you but in the twenty years or so since then I have explored all sorts of different things. It came to me yesterday that I am actually doing exactly what I want and have been for a very long time. The me twenty years ago scraping to get by would not believe how I live now. The rich man would be extremely envious. All the fun but with none of the responsibilities. All the practical details sort themselves out and I am having fun. No real effort required. Things drop into place quite effortlessly. I don’t plan. I go with what ever comes along.

I am being creative that is the important thing. I am writing two new books at the moment, am composing a piece of music for a lightshow that is going to a festival in Europe and hopefully will tour over there. Money, well I don’t have much but I have enough. I make the odd website and sell a few books now and then. I am taken care of totally. I do that for myself. I create my reality just like everyone else. I just make it one that I like. We all play tricks on our selves and create difficulties when really there are none. We have been programmed to expect. That is a good way to stop the fun. We all love surprises. Make every day a surprise, a nice one. You have that choice why not use it. Learn how to give your self an easy time. That is all it takes.

I am also open to the Divine and do anything required of me at any level of my Being. That can be fun too. Love is all about having fun.

I need to get to town and back to get supplies occasionally and in the winter that is more difficult because there are far fewer cars. I went in today and had three wonderful rides with kind and caring people. I walked for a bit on my own in a place with the wildest mountains views.

IMG_0333 Views I would never see from a car. It was hot and sunny and was fun. It’s getting colder here in the mountains and there is thick snow up on the tops. A while ago I decided perhaps when it’s colder and wetter it might be more fun to have a car. I let that thought go.


A friend turned up on my doorstep the other day. He’s going to Ireland until november and he offered me his car while he’s away. All he wanted in return was a website and a new email address. That is very Golden Bay. Value is perceived in different ways. These were things he couldn’t do for himself so that was of great value to him. He lives totally off the grid already. He’s a poet and a photographer and wanted to share his work as he travels. I can do that for him. We are all learning to share and care for each other.

We each have a creative talent. It is impossible not to have something. If you don’t know what it is then it’s what you most love to do. Focus on that first, find out what it is then start to do it. Let the other things drop away. You end up doing the things you love and can even make a living from it. It used to be hard to do that. It isn’t any more. The tough times are over. Look after your Self starting with your body. Listen to what it wants. Let your mind have a bit of a rest, it deserves it, it’s been working much too hard. Let your emotions out and watch as they gently even out. Feel what is going on.

We are all ready and where we are supposed to be. The Star Being in you will come out to play very shortly.

Star Being

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