We all know plenty of beer swilling sports fans who seem quite content to remain where they are, which is usually in front of a large screen TV watching their favourite team play. They often get very excited about things we don’t consider particularly important, like winning. They don’t have much power or influence and they aren’t usually doing anyone much harm. They will awake – eventually.

We on the other hand. Are we really awake?

Looking at the future through the past is quite interesting.

The hippies who woke a whole generation to grow their hair and experience mostly got put back to sleep by drugs or simply trying to stay alive. They often damaged themselves in the process of exploring and had to mend which has been a journey. The Vietnam war was started to keep the people in line and worked rather well in a limited way. The focus of love was fractured and that has always been the objective. The leaders were killed or removed by scandals. There are still enough awakened ones out there but it has been a pretty hard slog. The fun part though is that there are plenty of sleepers that are now old enough to be the ones who are nominally in charge. There could still be some rather interesting surprises….

The New Age movement was blunted and mostly diverted into making a living. At a subtle level they have been infiltrated too and are heavily influenced. Channels channel but whom? They are no longer new and mostly sit around banging their drums and enjoying each other at small gatherings and healings. Nothing is wrong with that but it’s hardly Earth shattering. They have a sense of worth and they still believe they could be. I await with baited breath.

The Green and ecological movements have been sidetracked into changing the climate. It has become so dominant that they ignore most everything else and that has defused their potency greatly. Their mindless C02 awareness has replaced their original zeal to change the way that we interact with our environment. They mean well but lack their original clarity. They can be revived and redirected with just a little pure knowing.

Political debate is a waste of breath it doesn’t change anything. Any new party that comes along is infiltrated and subverted. Gurus and teachers are scandalized or killed. Very few have survived. I have been involved with them all. There is a pattern. Every time anything becomes a threat to the ones who are in charge they look for a suitable means to divert it. Being aware of this fearlessly is part of being awake. We can also do something about it.

To be truly awake you must go way beyond all of these games. An awakened soul works at that level. We are so potent that nothing can influence or divert us. We never make a mistake. Awake and awareness go hand in hand. To function at that level you have to be part of creation and expressing Divine will fearlessly in your own particular unique way at that moment. It requires no effort.

Time is an illusion it is not linear. It is not a circle. Like all of creation it flows in a spiral but is really only a subjective part of our awareness. Always changing, always repeating. What happened before in our linear thinking will happen again but will have moved forwards or higher. We can catch it the next time around. Time appears to be speeding up as the spirals get tighter because we approach a null point, a focus. A special place in our collective evolution. Our awakened awareness means we see what is coming which means we also influence the outcome.

We already have. That is what we are doing now just by Being here. To be awake means we know this at every level of our Being.

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Are you unplugged?

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