The mind is a real chatterbox.

It goes on and on…. and on…..and on.

At the moment I usually only speak perhaps on one day a week. My mind is quietening down.

It is just how it is.

I live in a very isolated place and unless someone calls which is rare I communicate mainly in text. Not txt, I write longhand. I write to people all over the world. People like you who are reading this.

I occasionally meet someone out in the bush when I’m walking alone, usually a farm hand. If they are riding past on a quad bike they always stop and turn the bike off for a chat.

Not for long just a few words is enough. They acknowledge and go on their way. They are at home in this silence. It feels like the want to check to see that I am comfortable too.

The farmer where I live doesn’t talk much he usually just waves a hand. I speak when I go into town for supplies. I feel the stillness travel with me. People seem drawn to it. I can sense their interest but they are puzzled by it too. What is this?

I am very comfortable with quiet. Noise doesn’t bother me. Stillness seems to wake as the mind goes to sleep. It is easy to feel the rhythms of what is happening now. Now is a different now that it’s quiet. I can thoroughly recommend it.


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