In case you are wondering I am still here – well somewhere it’s hard to tell.

Most of my awareness has been busy. I was asked to open the gate for a dark, fractal octopus which required removal via a black hole,  it is a portal that I gate keep. It was a huge being and every part of it was a fractal of itself right down to something you couldn’t see. These bits could function independently inside you or me but they are all linked together. That is not desirable so it has been removed. It took four days to travel through it was so huge. It’s gone now.

I don’t really have anything more to say. I have no idea!  I just get on with stuff. I follow my intuition and have no clue what is going on. Part of me does know and surfaces to do these things. It can be a bit frustrating to get a quick glimpse of who you really are and then loose it again.

After a brief period with no internet and after another attack on my server I am moving it to yet another new server one that seems better maintained. That has already been attacked but was only down for a few minutes before it was back again. These guys are good.

I have this blog up and running on the new server and that is what you’re looking at now. I may rebuild the entire site or I may leave it as it is. I don’t feel what to do with it yet. I may have finished writing here, at least for the immediate future. You never know. It all depends ….

I am busy writing two new books which is where I am putting my focus.

Where the hell is Ray?

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