Science is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

It is a valid and meaningful view of reality but only encompasses what the intellect can interpret or understand. It is only able to comprehend a small part of the whole, and is only one strand of creation. There is much more. Science is also subject to manipulation and controls. We have not been allowed to access all of it’s knowledge. That is policy. Certain knowledge is undesirable to the control system we have been living under and is withheld, often forcibly. Anything that removes the strictures that confine us is forbidden. That is not conspiracy theory that is fact. You only have to investigate a little to find the truth of my statement. Type in a search for ‘whistle blowers’.

Everything in creation is not only alive but also has awareness. Because we cannot communicate does not mean that is not possible. Not everyone is limited in the same way. Some people can communicate with animals who are obviously sentient beings. Some would say they have limited sentience but check out a dolphin or a whale. Both species have brains larger than ours. They have knowledge we cannot yet comprehend. They are patiently waiting for us to expand our Selves enough to do that.

From my own perspective I can communicate quite easily with rocks. We can converse and it is very interesting. A rock sees reality from multi dimensional perspective and is not limited to the three we are told we are confined in. They are also inclusive and don’t see boundaries. If you meld your awareness with them they include you as if you were them too. Like us they are complex entities.

If you chopped off someones foot and were able to keep it alive it would only show limited intelligence. Rocks are like that too to some extent. They are also a bit like a hologram. Each part of the whole has all the information. It is not straight forward. We don’t have all the knowing required to understand them. Their awareness may appear to be confined to a limited space but that is not their reality.

Our own bodies have intelligence. Our body has an awareness and you can communicate with it. Nothing is ever destroyed and when your body dies that awareness still exists and moves to a new body. It is independent of us and our awareness. These are things I have discovered on my journey. I have witnessed some very odd things. Our bodies have been messed with and the intelligence is still there but the functions have been reduced. It is a self repairing system but that has been turned off or much impaired. You can stimulate it and even turn it back on again. That is a journey some people have managed. We all have much to learn.

Most of what we have been taught has been programming. We were reprogrammed and were supposed to become a servile slave race. That is not who we really are and the programming didn’t work very well and is failing again. That has happened before, actually several times and we were wiped out and the experiment tried again. We are waking up to that awareness and that is what is supposed to happen. History is hidden but only for the moment.

All philosophies and religions have been carefully manipulated and twisted to teach often quite the opposite of what was originally intended. The teachers are usually good and honest people but are teaching rubbish. The differences are often very subtle but are all designed to keep us under control even when we die. We could not escape.

Let’s look and Buddhism as an example.

From a Buddhist point of view, the ego is something made up by the mind. It’s the sense of self, a flash of I or me that we believe in and cling to. It’s the basis of our feeling of self-importance. It’s a story, a myth of self that we keep telling ourselves. That self is the center of our universe. No matter what we’re doing, our actions always come from, and reflect back to our sense of self-consciousness. This ego-self we cling to is the source of most of our problems. Wherever we get hung up in pain and confusion, there we’ll find the ego.

All very interesting but…

Ego is actually a latin word it means I am. Your ego is the part of you that make you different from anybody else. You are a point of consciousness in the vast sea of awareness. Without it you wouldn’t exist. It has great value.

Buddhists focus on the restricted mental awareness which has insecurities and manifests immature behavior. That is not all that the ego is. The mind is actually only a very small local computer. We also have an unlimited uplink to the main network that includes everything in creation. Trying to reprogram the local computer, which in itself is only a clever tool, is a futile waste of time.

Buddhist may allude to but really ignore and do not talk about the I AM Presence which is the full and highest manifestation of the ego. That part of us which is un-sublimated but also aware of and part of all of creation.

It is what Buda personified as a fully realized man.

This twist makes Buddhists very passive. They are all busy trying to remove their very nature. What a subtle clever trick.

If you are a Buddhist you may disagree, be upset or shocked but let Buda explain it to you himself. He will be doing that as soon. He will be coming on TV along with all the other founders of religions or philosophies. They are all still around. You can talk to them now if you want. There is no barrier only one you have imagined.

I could have chosen any of the religions or philosophies it wouldn’t matter. They have all been got at without exception. Knowing that should not prevent you from moving forwards, it is just something to be aware of. Like science it is only a small part of the picture, there is always more….

Getting the Big Picture

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