We have all been programmed since birth that we have limits. The best of us and I include anyone who is reading this, have questioned the veracity of what we have been taught. But it is not enough to question you have to exceed and go beyond all restrictions. Putting our true Selves into perspective requires a fairly huge adjustment especially to your thinking.

I have been busy in the silence of the place that I have been living raising my awareness to the highest that I can maintain. On more than one occasion I have risen into a very high state of consciousness. This was not a temporary experience but a continuance. Each time I pierced the vale of ignorance I was hammered back into it. This usually took the form of extreme physical discomfort.

This was not the usual removal of physical stress caused by deep rest that some of you may have been taught about but a pre meditated all out attack to take me back down. I was targeted. I tested this several times, always with the same results. I discovered that I could anticipate and even remove the discomfort completely but the physical symptoms had to run their course.

This was an interesting process in itself. Following my intuition I bound one leg and foot in a container of twisting light. I did this when I was still exalted. It is not something I could not really describe, I just did it. I could feel the symptoms coming on and sure enough that foot swelled up like a ballon but there was no pain. I could not walk but am used to getting around like that. Without pain it was only a minor inconvenience but I still lost the higher intelligence I’d had. It cannot be maintained when the body is in extreme discomfort.

I am a very stubborn person and never give up so as you will expect I am busy doing it again. It takes a little while to build. I have the vision of the game, you know the one in which you have a hammer and have to knock the creature on the head whenever it pops up. There are many holes and many creatures and those in power for the moment are getting very tired. If we all stick our heads up they cannot keep us all down.

That is all rather boring and not really what I wan’t to write about. I am a fairly powerful change artist and can normally assist people to a new place but what I intend now may well push you over your limit. I am warning you in advance because some of the things I say will shred what you think is important. It was done to me the hard way. I am going to be as gentle as I can.

Let me start with who we are.

We are angelic Beings. Masters in every sense of the word. We just forgot. This was not through our own behavior or any wrong doing but was something imposed upon us. We allowed it to happen. We had many reasons for doing that. I can still remember what happened and that I allowed it. I did so because that is what the Source of all wanted. It has been quite a trip.

I won’t take that any further it is your personal journey to discover who you are but do so without guilt. That is a fear that has been projected onto you and is a part of the old control structure not who you are at all but you need to discover this for your Self.

Where do we come from?

We are all from the stars and descendants of a huge and varied group from many different star families. We came to the earth at her request to help her and sustain her. We were to be her care takers. She is very important. At her heart is the singularity from which this reality unfolded. She is a magnificent Divine Being in her own right. The Earth is her current body. Like us she has been degraded but only on the surface.

We all connect and our ancestral line is part of who we are. I have interacted with ancestors and written about it on this blog. We did not evolve on this planet and our ancestors were not primitives. They are still around and you can link with them yourself. As you follow their line back they become less formed and are Light Beings that connect eventually with the source of all that is.

Now having laid the groundwork lets take this a little further. Our Galactic heritage is that we are the best of the best. We came here because we were invited by Mother Earth herself. We are not ignorant savages. We did not eat our animal brothers and sisters nor wear their skins. We had technology that made eating anything of the Earth totally unnecessary. These degradations happened after we forgot who we really are.

Any native peoples who still practice this kind of behavior are not highly aware or to be emulated. They are just like us. We are way better than that. They may remember some things but have forgotten so very much more. I respect their wisdom when I can find it. That includes Vedic wisdom and all the different branches of healing. None of them has the big picture or the whole story but each one contributes. Everything has value.

Let me share a cognition that I had. When I was up really high it all slotted into place quite effortlessly. We know that each one of us has a little bit of the picture, we each see everything in a different way. Well I saw a ball made of lots of different material that intersected and overlapped. Each part was a path of knowing. I was wondering about the role of science at the time. Most scientists I know are stuck firmly in their intellect. It is even how science is defined. I see that as very limiting but we have all been limited.

Science really doesn’t have it all but is a valuable part of the whole. Each religion, each philosophy has a little piece of knowing, each healing discipline or what ever adds. When you put them all together they don’t conflict at all but create a magnificent whole. We don’t need to be at odds about how or why or anything. We can include it all. That includes opposites as well as similarities.

That was a very freeing experience. I could interact with someone with a completely different view of life without any conflict at all. The sharing of each one of us makes everything important. We have been taught to oppose to come into conflict. It is not who we are at all.

We don’t actually need to use any of Mother Earths resources. Zilch none at all. We can do very well without permaculture or the most refined gardening technology. We don’t need alternative energy. It is all very nice and has been useful to raise our awareness by focusing on these things but that is all they are really good for. We are here to help our Earth by letting her be Her Self as naturally as She can Be. That means pristine forests and prairies not well manicured plots of land. Let the fish have the sea. We can let go of it all. We don’t need it. We will have all we need.

What will we have instead of stuff. Each one of us will have a teacher who’s only task and responsibility is to help us regain who we really are. That’s seven point three billion guides but probably way more. That is how many individuals are involved and are floating about above us in a vast number of ships. They are here just for us. Not to take over or control us, just to help us remember who we are. They have resources way beyond anything we know. Our science is like kindergarten in comparison. It does not mean we are of no value, quite the reverse, we are all very important or they would not be here.

We have been taught to believe in lack but in nature there is nothing but abundance. It is how creation works, countless stars endless space. Think how many seeds are in a single poppy. I find it very funny that the only thing that is worthless is money.

We have significant value because of what we have learned. We now know what it is like to loose all sense of self to be cut off from who we are. Others have been cut off too. It might be fun to go and rescue them. We are going to be given that opportunity.

Rethinking who you are

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