Telling an active eco warrior that worrying about global warming and Co2 emissions is equivalent to flat Earth theory doesn’t really encourage them to cooperate with you. All it does is antagonize them and makes it hard for you to work together. We have been doing that a lot.

I got told off or rather redirected by Mother Earth recently. I was trying to work out what was actually going on and my intuition was pointing at detailed specific information, a conspiracy of misdirection led by scientists who are in the pocket of the elitists. You can’t argue with solid facts but it appears you can make them up. Anyway I thought I aught to go to the source to check if I was correct.


I was told yes but how did that actually help anybody. I was planning to expose some of the misdirection and wanted some high level support. What I got was some very simple advise, find your commonalities not your differences. Join together don’t take things apart.

Joining hands
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