I was responding to someone the other day and expressed the view that Transcendental Meditation was very good but seemed like kindergarten. It was intended to shock them. I always like to poke a little at people who are immersed in a rigid belief system. I have this vague hope that I can communicate what I have discovered. I would like to share but most people won’t listen.

I am not a skeptic, TM is a useful tool and the TM Sidhi program takes you quite a bit further. TM people are told that it is the ultimate growth system and they promote it in that way. I like to think I have a broader picture having actually tried some of the other things available. I say yes it is a growth system, but one of very many, not a bad system in fact rather a good one and it served it purpose in its day. The organization is a bit up itself and very formal but that was how Maharishi made it. The people are just people. No system survives for very long after the death of its leader. Yes that’s me pushing buttons again, but hey it’s wake up time for everybody. We all need to take responsibility.

Anyway in the course of the conversation I mentioned that one of the reasons I was unsatisfied with the TM organization was that they refused to acknowledge or discuss my experiences. I realize now that they simply couldn’t handle them. They were foreign to what they had been taught or wanted to focus on. One of the leaders of the TM community I lived in at the time called and tried to talk me out of leaving. I did quite a lot of unpaid behind the scenes work for the community. He was a good administrator but rather an unimaginative person. I have never accepted anyone’s authority over me and we clashed – almost always. I told him that the man who had taught me something new had turned gold when I looked at him. I explained the same thing had happened with my TM teacher’s aura. It got my attention which is why I learned TM in the first place. He could not rationalize my decision because he didn’t believe in auras.

I had my first kundalini experience not very long after I was taught TM. It was extremely powerful and overwhelmed me at the time but I was fortunate in that I was on a fairly advanced course. When I do something I tend to do it flat out and did one course after another. At the time I had been meditating for only about a year and was on my third type of course. It was two weeks long and involved a lot of meditation and was a very intense experience. All the plants in the room looked like they had bright lights inside them and were completely luminous. They had tendrils of light radiating from them. I wondered what they were, having never seen their like before. The course leader liked that I was having a powerful experiences but didn’t explain them to me, probably because she couldn’t.

After I learned the sidhis they worked straight away and it awoke a new level of my Being. I could sense elementals and communicate with them. I could redistribute pain so that it didn’t hurt. I had six very large fillings done in my teeth all at one sitting with no injection. My dentist told me afterwards I obviously didn’t feel pain. I remembered many previous lifetimes both in human and in alien bodies. I could see auras and sense telepathically what people were thinking about me. That was mostly very uncomfortable and I started to avoid being with anybody. I still tend to keep away from crowds. If I touch someone I sometimes sense everything about them. That is unpredictable and not always pleasant. I am strong enough to cope but tend to avoid physical contact unless I initiate it and am prepared.

I saw fairies and angels and Mother Divine appeared in front of me. Lord Krishna appeared on her hand and danced into my heart. He danced there for years – until I told him it was no longer necessary. By that time I was very comfortable with who I am and had worked out how to protect my Self. Telling these experiences to a TM teacher especially when in a group was very much frowned upon. I was shut up as soon as I opened my mouth, I never understood why. Most books about spiritual masters are full of these kind of stories. It always puzzled me.

Now mine are not particularly outrageous experiences. Most of my close friends have very similar stories to tell. I have had far more bizarre things happen; this blog is full of them. I wasn’t believed or reassured so I moved on. I am sharing this because you may have had similar experiences. Be assured this is quite normal. You are not going daft. If you have never had any experiences don’t be surprised when you do. The energy of the Earth is changing very fast and so are you.

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