The word Hu in Sufi means God, which is a good place to start. It doesn’t matter if you are a Hu-man or a Hu-woman. That is only biological and only a small part of Hu you are.

The physical body is the same for both male and female for the first six or seven weeks even though gender is pre determined. There are latent physicality’s for both sexes, which is why men have nipples. Our body is only barely functional, for the moment. It runs mostly on autopilot. It is capable of very much more.

Manual control has been turned off but is going to be turned back on quite soon.

Taking full command requires a change in our perceptions. We each live in our own awareness, that is determined by Hu we are at the moment. The physical, mental and emotional bodies behave in different ways but that is not Hu you are. When you go to the source of all that Is, then awareness is the same. It is what makes us Unified. It is the focus of your Being.

I don’t believe in small steps, small steps slow things down. Letting go of what you think you know is a large first step on the journey we are all on at the moment. Nothing that we have learned second hand has any real value. Those lessons you have Become won’t leave you. Everything else is superfluous. It is just baggage you no longer require. It is time to let it go, it doesn’t matter where it came from.

You need room to accommodate a new much vaster awareness.

Everyone no matter how asleep is capable of huge leaps in awareness. We each have that potential, we are all the same no matter who we are. Our level of awareness can change in the blink of an eye and is about to do so very shortly. Seeing difficulties in this process acts against it and is not really desirable. It slows the process down. As Hu we create our reality both individually and collectively.

Ignore everything else and Be the most Hu you can imagine.

Remember Hu you are

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